We’re looking for the greatest minds.

Shape the future.

Make an impact. Be exceptional.

At Cloudflight, we’ve been building a home full of open communication, purpose and mastery where you can unfold your wings and take responsibility from day one. We are makers, creators, and innovators. We provide an agile and safe place where brilliant people proudly co-create the digital future and enable each other to grow. Use your flexibility and autonomy to shape your work environment and contribute to an ambitious journey. Join us and work alongside the greatest minds, because at Cloudflight, your work is meaningful, significant, and has impact. Together, with outstanding passion, we do our best for excellent software solutions every day.

Enjoy digging through tons of data of all kind and turn them into knowledge together with a highly motivated team.

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Search for the greatest minds, accompany the complete recruiting process and represent the company in a creative and target-group-oriented way at various events.


Drive customer topics and ask the right questions to the right people in order to ensure a sustainable design of a solution. You overpass the gap between a problem and the solution.


As you are experienced in the digital transformation of companies, you accompany our clients in the process of creating their own digital strategy.


You are the protagonist of a quality-driven mindset in your team and ensure that the software we deliver meets all the customer’s expectations.

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Combine creativity and conceptual thinking in order to design user interfaces which people love to use.

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Build high-quality and fully performing software that complies with modern coding standards and technical design as part of a passionate team.

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Support your team to get ahead, take over technical leadership, evaluate and identify reliable software solutions and share your knowledge in exciting projects.

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Develop new tools and bridge development and operations by applying a software engineering mindset to system administration topics.


Be the link between clients and the team, own the process and establish an environment where the team is trusted and able to deliver on a high level.

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You are the creator of your own career. Take your chance to show us that you are an asset to our company.

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Our values

We proudly and passionately work together

because we care deeply about what we do. We always strive to make an impact, we are involved and trust each other, and we proactively change things that we want to change.

We communicate openly and honestly

because transparency increases trust and productivity, builds relationships and boosts innovation. That’s why we share our ideas, thoughts and knowledge across teams, projects and locations.

We constantly experiment and learn

because we have an ambition to grow. We have the freedom to play, explore, make mistakes, get up again and become better. We challenge solutions as well as ourselves in order to reach peak-performance.

We create safe and diverse spaces

because we strongly believe that bringing people of various backgrounds and different life experiences together can generate cutting-edge ideas. We keep the dialogue up and care for each other enabling people to become their true selves.

We believe in flat and agile

because streamlining our processes means optimal efficiency. We travel lean, only putting the required things in our bag. We strive to be modest and humble. We are not big fans of bureaucracy and hierarchies, which is why we do our best to live without them.

We synergize work and life

because they should be harmonious and not oppositional. A high level of flexibility gives us the freedom to study or do family-related tasks while also enjoying work.

Benefits and perks

Unique teamspirit

Coaching & mentoring

International & diverse team

Sports, gaming & team activities

University & family friendly

Knowledge sharing culture

Innovative projects & technologies

Flexible hours & home-office

No dress-code, just be yourself

Flat hierarchy & true agile mindset

Coffee, fruits & snacks

Learning & growth

Social events with family & friends

Part-timers welcome

Passionate & supportive colleagues

Events to meet & greet

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