Digital maturity of Cloudflight customers

Digital maturity of Cloudflight customers

Development after introduction of software solutions taking into account social and economic trends using a maturity model

This report from Cloudflight Research examines the digital maturity of 17 companies using a digital maturity model. The dominant areas are:

Digital transformation
Hardly any development has shaped the economy and society in recent years as much as digitalization. It leads to a change in processes in companies and enables a variety of new business models. This development is strengthened by state-of-the-art technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud native applications, political developments such as the nationwide broadband expansion and sustainable energy production, and developments and crises in society such as the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Maturity model
The digital maturity model evaluates companies with regard to their progress in various areas of digitalization. The dimensions of culture, organization, technology, processes, and data are examined in more detail. The companies are assigned to different maturity levels after an assessment. The model enables a comprehensible assessment and the identification of potential for improvement.

The companies we studied have been able to noticeably increase their level of digital maturity in recent years. This enabled them to develop from “digital beginners” to “digital followers”. The greatest increases were achieved in the areas of IT infrastructure, process optimization, and improvement of the customer experience.

Specific activities such as the introduction of individual software solutions and general economic developments are decisive for increasing the level of digital maturity. They play at least as big a role; however, individual software solutions can make all the difference in digital maturity. In particular, new technologies in the area of IT infrastructure and the use of AI as well as the increase in customer experience are among the most important catalysts.

Digitalization as an opportunity
Digitalization is not only a challenge but also an opportunity. If companies want to remain competitive, they must continually develop and use the potential of digital change. Diversification, the development of new business models, and the increased use of new technologies offer more opportunities than ever before in almost all sectors.

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary Drivers of digitalization Economic development Description of the digital maturity model Results of the investigation Conclusion of the study Outlook

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Franz Hauer is a Consultant at Cloudflight. His focus is on building projects in consulting and preparing them for implementation. He is also active in Research and focuses on the topics Cloud, Digital Strategy and API architectures.

Besides his work at Clouflight, he is studying Business and Economics with a focus on Business Informatics at Vienna University of Economics and Business.

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