Social Network Heroes

When talking about The Social Network, some might think about a drama movie, others have participated in the 31st Catalysts Coding Contest and tried to decipher an ancient social network.

The competition took place on Fri, 10th May with focus on Germany and Africa. The battling participants had only one goal: to come as far as they could, as the challenge was (as usual) split into levels of increasing complexity. The diverse talents competed in 6 German cities, in Kampala (Uganda), Pretoria (South Africa), as well as via online participation. The top 3 places were the ones who reached the last level: one online participant, a team in Aachen (Germany), and a participant in Pretoria (South Africa). Congratulations and our compliments to all winners!

We’re already looking forward to our next international event: the 32nd CCC with many locations around the world. Save the date on 8th November 2019! Registrations will open soon. If you want to host a CCC in your location, get in touch with us!

Take a look at the pictures, they say more than 100 words!

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