Expert networking via the AI Upper Austria association

The increasing relevance of Artificial Intelligence (AI for short) is now universally known. Nevertheless, there is a large gap between what is possible and what is already being used. AI is also, due to its diversity, not a topic that can be tackled and solved by individuals, research units or companies on their own. Only the connection and networking of many expertises can lead to the best possible understanding about the use of AI. This is where the association AI Upper Austria comes in. 

What does the association AI Upper Austria stand for?

AI Upper Austria sees itself as an association of independent experts and forms a contact point for business, politics, media and society. Such an organization already exists throughout Austria with regional groups in the individual federal states. Upper Austria, however, has so far been a blind spot on the map – so we simply had to become active!

Founders and mission of the association

Currently, the initiative is driven by 5 companies as founding members, each with a slightly different background. The association was founded in summer 2020 by Cloudflight, 7lytix, Newsadoo, reqPool and SCCH. It is important for us not to compete with existing initiatives but to network and complement where we see additional opportunities.

Opportunities and risks of the technology

Everyone who is involved with the topic of AI sees the great importance that this technology already has and will get much more. This concerns all areas – the economy, of course, but also society, as well as politics and even the private sector. However, if you look at what potential is available and what is actually being used, you can currently see a huge gap.

The USA and China are leading the way and pulling away. In part, this is happening under moral and ethical standards that are unthinkable for us but one should not make hasty generalizations here. We would like to help dispel reservations here, convey a realistic picture of the opportunities and risks of the technology and exploit the opportunities accordingly.

Professional exchange and knowledge transfer

Our activities go in two directions – on the one hand internally, between the members of the association, and on the other hand externally, towards the public.

As members, we want to benefit from each other through professional exchange and knowledge sharing. We have already invited to a Data Scientists’ Stammtisch but unfortunately had to cancel these events due to the current coronavirus situation.

On another track, we are working on providing small teams with access to powerful hardware on which AI models can be trained.

Addressing the public, we hope to be able to hold events again in spring 2021. In addition to imparting knowledge, the focus here will be on making us visible as a contact partner and reference point.

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