Dos and Don’ts for working from home effectively

There is one question that came to all our minds recently. “How do I stay productive while I am working from home?” Trust us, even if we at Cloudflight are living a remote culture already, we surely also have issues to master this task. However, we are certain about some “Home Office Essentials” that we definitely do not want to keep quiet about. 

Not all of our tips might be new to you. However, keep in mind that there is a big difference between knowing about certain things and executing them. If you’re already familiar with some of them, respect them as a kind reminder.

1. Make sure to keep up routines

Staying in bed until 15 minutes before the first meeting, taking a shower at some time throughout the day and not getting dressed at all.  Many of you surely have these or similar thoughts and it’s true, they seem to be attractive at first sight. We promise you – It’s a bad idea! Why? Well, you might have recognized some unproductivity already following this approach. A good idea? Follow your routines as if you would go to the office. Get up on time and dress professionally. Don’t give yourself the liberty to dress too casually considering you are at home and not in the office. It will not only help you look professional. More importantly, it will put you in the right mindset and you will be able to focus better on the job.

2. Consider your home office as a real office

“I don’t have a separate room I could turn into a small office!” Of course, many of us know this problem. If it’s due to high rents in big cities, because of living in a shared apartment or simply because children are occupying every room that once used to be your spare room for your home gym. Don’t worry! It is still possible to install a proper workstation under all the named circumstances. The most important thing you have to do is to install an area dedicated to work. This can even be your kitchen table. Just make sure that for the time you are busy working, you have everything you need around you and to get rid of everything distracting.

3. Do not disturb

Home is, where the heart is they say. However, home also is, where the family is. It doesn’t matter if you live with your kids or roommates, you need to define your respective workspace if you want to get things done in an effective way. We know, having little children at home might make you think of an unsolvable task. Our best practice to handle this situation? We accept that interruptions cannot be fully avoided. However, even if it might be exhausting, taking time for syncing calendars to avoid that both are in a meeting at the same time, or allowing one partner to work more in one week so the other can work more the week after, might improve working at home in a sustainable way. Yes, the situation needs flexibility, we’re not talking it down. We just try to recommend good ways to stay positive.

4. Tidy up unnecessary stuff

The kitchen table – at least ours is full of letters, pens, charging cables, salt & pepper mills and of course our little one’s newest piece of art that was painted the day before with crayons that of course are still lying on the table, too. A bad idea? Sitting in between all these things, looking into a kitchen full of dirty dishes. A good idea is to tidy up everything you don’t need on the table as well as in the whole kitchen since it would keep you distracted and therefore from working efficiently. Also, don’t have your private smartphone on the table.  Did you know that we look at our phones nearly 100 times a day?

5. Have breaks – meet your team

Believe it or not, working from home can take a toll on your nerves and energy levels. A bad idea? Skipping short breaks and therefore finishing work a couple of minutes earlier. Don’t let it become a habit. Our brains need breaks regularly to recharge batteries and to stay creative. We promise you, the better idea is to have breaks with your teammates, you can easily use an app for video calls. You’ll feel way more connected to your colleagues and enhance the mutual bond.

6. Call it a day

Checking emails 24/7, replying to direct messages and always being available for a quick call is a very bad idea. Trust us. Call it a day! Therefore, ensure to remove everything work-related from your perspective. If this means you have to clear the kitchen table just for the night– do so. It helps to get a rest, recharge batteries and enjoy what we call leisure or recreation time.  Exercise, go for a walk or talk to friends on the phone. Whatever it is that makes you happy, it is a better idea.


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