Digital day in Germany and how to fascinate others for the art of coding

On Friday, June 19 2020, Cloudflight joined the first Digitaltag organized by the initiative “Digital für alle” with three events throughout the day. The initiative consists of 25 organizations from areas of civil society, culture, economy, science, social service and the public sector. Together, they’re aiming to support the confident and autonomous usage of the digital world for all people in Germany.

Cloudflight participated with three remote workshops. Ture Sayer, branch manager of Cloudflight’s Cologne office, started the day and showed around 30 people the basics of machine learning. He introduced classification, regression and clustering as three basic problem categories and k-nearest-neighbors, decision trees and the k-means algorithm as “simple” algorithms to tackle such problems. He ensured that the participants could actively take part at the event and try out some easy algorithms on their own. 

Verena Dittmer, data scientist at Cloudflight, continued in the afternoon and conducted her “learn to code with Python” workshop. People actively took part and made their first steps in the world of coding. Verena explained programming concepts such as variables, functions and for-loops and used small live demos to show how they are used in Python.

Paul Puntschart and Nina Mrzelj hosted the third event of our successful series and demonstrated a dive into “Reinforcement Learning” by exploring the Catata Fish game, developed by Paul with the purpose of researching Reinforcement Learning. In this workshop the participants faced the challenge to beat Paul’s computer in his game which is available as a web application, too.

Cloudflight is glad to have been part of this event and thanks the organizers for this engaging and inspiring day. The whole team is already looking forward to hosting more interesting workshops at the next digital day on June 18, 2021. 


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