Any difficult situation can strengthen our character

Even though we are used to working remotely and are proud of our distributed teams at Cloudflight, there is one thing which we do miss: meeting with colleagues in person. We long for the face-to-face coffee talks, spending time with colleagues who have become friends over the years, enjoying the after-work events and, most of all, the unique team spirit of every location.

Remote workshop

This is what inspired us to organize our first remote “How to be positive during corona” workshop. 

At the workshop, we talked about our current challenges. But more importantly, we focused on what we can do to make our days brighter, easier and more efficient. Besides that, we have once again encouraged the growth mindset that we hold dear at Cloudflight. 

The workshop was mainly focused on being positive. Although we are not able to see nonverbal reactions during a remote workshop, which makes things a bit more difficult for the conductors, developing our skills using great software tools is very helpful for the long-term; for example, an interactive presentation software called Mentimeter was in action during the online workshop as well as an online pinboard called Padlet. At the start, we collected things that brought us joy within the last couple of weeks to keep up our positive spirit. However, we also focused on current challenges and what we as a company could possibly do to improve things.

Personal challenges

Nicoleta explained: “Although initially, I saw being in home office as an issue, I am now grateful for reshaping my plans and priorities in accordance with the current situation. I love nature, sunshine and mountains and was looking forward to some hiking trips. Nevertheless, I constantly remind myself that we are doing this for the greater good and hope that staying at home reduces the burden on the medical system. One of the things that has helped me the most was getting involved in a volunteering cause. I noticed I am less affected by bad news when I have a goal and I do my share of helping, however small.”

“My biggest challenge is to draw a line between work and leisure time as everything takes place within the same four walls” – explained Annika. “However, I really enjoy the new possibilities. When I am not on a call I can turn on my music as loud as I want to boost my motivation and nobody can complain about the volume (or my taste of music) – what a luxury!”

Best practices by our colleagues

Around 40 people attended the workshop organized by the PO-team at Cloudflight: it was highly beneficial to interact with the participants, getting feedback from our colleagues and learning more about their best practices and how they are experiencing the current situation. A positive side effect was definitely having the chance to meet with people who you are not working on a project with currently, and therefore, wouldn’t normally meet them for a coffee in the kitchen, for example.

In the same boat, but…

However, let’s not lose sight of one very important thing. Although we’re all in the same boat, that does not mean that every one of us feels the same way. We are all intricate and unique beings. And that’s something we have to think about when trying out new things and sharing our best practices for home office.

We at Cloudflight collected a huge list of what we can do in these times to stay productive and focus on the little things which bring us joy. But this list can never be exhaustive – and it doesn’t have to be. 

To bake or not to bake?

And always remember: we all have different ways of coping with the situation. Not every one of us will go out of this quarantine with 100 new recipes they have perfected or game-changing new skills acquired. There might be days where we just binge-watch Netflix, become one with the couch or just simply do nothing. And this is also okay!

Despite the social distancing, right now is the moment to draw near to one another and support each other in any way we can. This context might push us to question the way we live, thus offering an enormous chance for personal development, and of discovering and living the values ​​in which we truly believe.

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