Foundation of Cloudflight

Frankfurt, May 2nd 2019

With the foundation of, a wholly new Digital Transformation & Service provider is emerging in the European market. Deutsche Beteiligungs AG, alongside its DBAG Fund VII, and the shareholders of Catalysts GmbH and Crisp Research AG are investing into the “Digital Accelerator” with full-stack service portfolio consisting of strategic digital consulting, agile software development and cloud operations.

The Frankfurt-based company group employs around 350 software and cloud specialists in 14 locations. supports SMEs and corporations in implementing and accelerating their digital transformation.

With the founding of, Deutsche Beteiligungs AG alongside its DBAG Fund VII as well as the shareholders of Catalysts GmbH and Crisp Research AG are investing in a new type of digital service provider. The group’s CEO Thomas Stoek sees the company as a “Digital Accelerator”, which supports medium-sized companies, corporations and public authorities in a holistic and agile manner in the implementation and acceleration of the digital transformation.

Following the investment by DBAG Fund VII and the merger of software specialist Catalysts and Crisp Research, an IT research and consulting firm specializing in cloud computing, a digital and cloud service provider with a special profile is being created. “With approximately 350 software and cloud experts at a total of 14 locations, we can accompany customers from strategic digital consulting, platform and architecture design through software development to 24/7 cloud operation and reliability engineering”, Stoek comments on the full-stack service portfolio of the new corporate group.

In addition, has outstanding expertise in emerging technologies, such as cloud, IoT, big data analytics and artificial intelligence, and many years of experience in running applications and platforms on cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Currently, adidas, Bayer, Bosch, Continental, Daimler, Eon, ESA, Greenpeace, Linde, OBI, Osram, Porsche Informatics, Voestalpine and others trust in the expertise and agility of

Commenting on the investment in Catalysts and Crisp Research as well as the strategic investment in the group, Torsten Grede, Spokesman of the Management Board of Deutsche Beteiligungs AG, states: “What convinced us is especially the entrepreneurial attitude of the management team and the strong growth momentum. In the digital world and the platform economy, software developers, digital strategists and cloud experts are in particular demand. The market for will grow by more than 30 percent in the coming years. In addition, has a very convincing track record, excellent market knowledge and long-term customer relationships.”

For Christian Federspiel, one of the co-founders and Managing Partner of Catalysts,
the merger and growth financing provided by Deutsche Beteiligungs AG primarily offers opportunities for customers and employees. “We are now in a position to pursue a European growth strategy, which will be offering a holistic portfolio of services to our clients, as well as exciting areas of activity and attractive locations to our software developers.” Christoph Steindl,

Catalysts co-founder and managing partner, shares a similar opinion: “ will continue to evolve and grow through strategic acquisitions to meet the demands of a digital accelerator.” Dr Carlo Velten, Chairman of the Management Board of Crisp Research and longtime experienced IT analyst, pointed towards a change process clients are exposed to – which Cloudflight will be picking up: “Many companies are past the ‘trial-and-error’ phase of their digital transformation. This means that development of new digital platforms and global cloud-based operations are no longer niche topics, but have become business-critical. With we work with our customers to develop the innovation and cloud operation models for digital new business. Here it is important to combine agility, automation and reliability.”


With a team of over 350 digital strategists, software developers and cloud experts in 14 locations, we accelerate the digital transformation of our customers. supports the design, implementation and global cloud operation of digital platforms and applications. Agility, automation and reliability are part of our DNA.

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Thomas Stoek

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Deutsche Beteiligungs AG, a listed private equity company, initiates closed-end private equity funds, and itself invests alongside those funds in well-positioned mid-market companies with growth potential. DBAG focuses on those
industry sectors where Germany’s SMEs is particularly strong in international comparison. With its experience, expertise and equity, DBAG supports

the portfolio companies in implementing long-term and value-enhancing corporate strategy. Its entrepreneurial investment approach makes DBAG a sought-after investment partner in the German-speaking world. DBAG manages and advises capital amounting to around 1.8 billion euros.

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