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Press Releases

We at Cloudflight are curious about new trends, technologies and services for digital innovations! With Crisp Research, we already have a strong and seasoned reputation for independent technology and market research. Moving into a strong new corporate brand of Cloudflight, this research is even more visible as part of the emerging Cloudflight group. While Crisp Research will remain the content brand for our independent research and our future publications, our advisory expertise in our customer-driven projects is merging into the Cloudflight consulting portfolio. An original strength of Crisp Research has been deep technology expertise delivered by the same people in research publications and individual advisory services. We will continue this tradition by making the Crisp Research analysts available across all Cloudflight projects. In the same way, the new Crisp Research content brand provides a generally available publishing format for many experienced architects and computer scientists across the growing Cloudflight group.

We are looking back to numerous publications with Crisp Research, including short analyst views up to empirical studies, which found their way to our all new research space on and will get their very own overview page soon. As research will remain a crucial part of our work and passion and also the groundwork for our advisory and expertise, we’d like to give a short overview, what you can expect on a regular basis by Cloudflight, created and valuably labeled by Crisp Research.


Focus on Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Machine Learning and Emerging Technologies

Cloudflight is dedicated to the co-creation of digital value. This implies a strong focus on the innovative and digital technology environments which leads to a real digital user experience, new business and the foundation of technological excellence in any company. Therefore our research will be focused on the topics and markets where these new technologies are developed, evolved and driven to maturity. The 2020 research agenda will cover these areas and deliver in the following formats:


Crisp Research coverage:
  • Digital Transformation & Leadership – Digital Strategies, Digital Platforms, Digital Culture etc.
  • Cloud Computing – Cloud Architecture, Cloud Transformation, Cloud Native Technologies & Cloud Operations etc.
  • Agile Software Development – Developer-Trends, DevOps, Digital User Experience etc.
  • Internet of Things – Industrial IoT, Digital Twins, Edge Computing etc.
  • AI & Machine Learning – Data-driven Business, Algorithms, Machine Learning Services etc.
  • Emerging Technologies – Quantum Computing, Mixed Reality, the real values of Blockchain etc.


Crisp Research publication formats:

Analyst Views & Blog posts – Our frequent voice of research
Based on a successful tradition, we will provide new research, analysis and statements in our focus topics as short and handy formats with our analyst views. Those analyst views are written by one of our numerous experts and focus on a certain topic or technology announcement. It will be published like a blog post and will be accessible for free

Reports – Deep analysis
To give you the opportunity to dive deeper into certain topics of our research, we will publish reports that give a detailed overview and discussion about the strengths, weaknesses, chances, technologies and vendors of a certain technology field. Based on our findings in detailed vendor briefings, our experience from numerous projects and the research itself, these reports can either provide baseline knowledge or help even experienced companies to reach the next level. Reports will be available for free, but need a short registration to access.

Studies – We show you what the community says
It’s nice to get technology envisioned by analysts and experts. However, really getting an idea on what your peer group companies do, is even more reliable based on findings from an empirical survey. We are experienced in talking directly to users and get their feedback and estimation of technologies and digital business first-hand and through our extensive network. We prepare complete study reports and share the findings in our analyst views, reports, keynotes and many other occasions. The study reports are available for free and need a short registration just like the reports do.

NEW – Crisp Short Lists provide decision guidance for enterprises
The way to discover which digital use cases and business models promise the most for your company and which technologies serve their needs best is already a demanding task. Choosing the right provider of technologies makes it even more challenging. For this reason we created a whole new format called “Crisp Short List”. This format will focus on a certain, tangible challenge and propose relevant technologies available in the DACH market. We will discuss the opportunities and threats of the market and portray each vendor on this shortlist briefly to give you a first idea for your very own vendor shortlist.

We are excited to initiate discussions and talk about our research! So please give us feedback on our publications based on your experiences and opinions. If you like to get an personal meeting with us, we are delighted to share our expertise at events with key notes, panels or any other format you could think of. Stay tuned!