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Published on Dec 01, 2022

BBG Partner Seal for Cloudflight: Confirmed provider for public sector clients

Christina Becker

PR & Communications Manager

  • As a listed partner of Bundesbeschaffung Österreich (Austrian Federal Procurement Agency, BBG), Cloudflight enables public institutions to procure in a time- and cost-saving manner  
  • Simple and unbureaucratic procurement process promotes digitization in the public sector  
  • Clients find the best supplier quickly and audit-proof 


Linz, December 1st, 2022 – Cloudflight, a leading full-service provider for the digital transformation of companies, obtained the partner seal of the Austrian Federal Procurement Agency (BBG) for the second time since 2017. This confirms the expertise of the digitalization specialist in working with public organizations. 


Less effort, more savings potential for public sector clients 

Public contracts with a volume of more than 100,000 euros must be put out to tender in Austria – this means a great deal of time and administrative effort for clients. As a purchasing partner of schools, universities, magistrates and administrations, BBG provides a remedy and facilitates the awarding of contracts in a legally secure manner. Thanks to regulated contracts with vetted providers such as Cloudflight, procurers can engage listed suppliers without renewed tendering process, thus reducing their process costs. “We understand the challenges in the public sector. Through many years of experience, for example through our partnerships with ministries or the University of Vienna, we know where to start in order to achieve the best possible together with our customers,” says Anton Bayer, Industry Focus Leader Public Sector at Cloudflight.   

When it comes to all technical challenges, such as dealing with outdated IT infrastructures, Cloudflight stands by public sector agencies as a holistic partner. “For the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology, we implemented a digitalization solution for the data processing of authorizations within only 12 weeks. The framework agreement with the BBG greatly accelerated the project start for our customer and the project goals were achieved much more quickly,” says Bayer.   


Transparency and quality promise through the BBG partner seal  

Due to its strict award criteria, the BBG serves as a reliable quality indicator for public sector clients. Furthermore, public organizations can see at a glance which companies are listed in the respective framework agreements and are eligible as potential suppliers.   

Within the “IT Framework Agreement 2022”, Cloudflight is listed in Lot 6 “Team Application Development”. For more information on how Cloudflight supports the digitalization of the public sector, and which projects the company has already successfully completed, please visit Cloudflight’s website. 


About Cloudflight 

Cloudflight is one of the leading full-service providers for industrial digital transformation in Europe. Around 1.000 visionary IT strategists, consultants, data scientists, cloud specialists, and excellent software architects help enterprises to take their digitalization to the next level. Cloudflight’s expertise includes artificial intelligence, cloud applications and operations, embedded software development, human-machine interface design, cognitive systems as well as global e-commerce solutions for B2B and B2C customers. Cloudflight delivers scalable, flexible custom software, to be implemented quickly and seamlessly by qualified IT specialists. Customers benefit from a fast return on investment, a future-proof technology stack and a significant gain in operational efficiency. For more information, please visit