SOA: Important facts to create a stable architecture

Tech Updates

A SOA is often defined as death. But in most cases, failures are already made in the planning phase, because of a nonexistent process optimization. Often it is said: “Hey, let’s make a SOA.” A further Problem: The responsibility for a SOA is often fully assigned to the IT department, due to the fact that they will know what is needed. This is fundamentally wrong, because the organisation and process optimization belongs to the general management respectively to a delegate department/ team. The IT department should advise the business actively and has to show how the information technology can help at this point to reach the goal.
Afterwards the IT functionality must be established as a service to support business critical processes and design a stable SOA. Therefor following aspects must consider during the implementation.

  • loose coupling: A less degree of multiple hard- and software components among one another
  • distributable: The system should not be confined locally
  • a clear definition: An explicit requirements definition is indispensable
  • divisibility: The entire system can be divided into subcomponents
  • commutability: The individual subcomponents can be replaced

And at least standards, standards, standards