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Let’s convert your ideas and expectations into coherent, implementable, and user-friendly solutions.

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Every project is different and involves specific needs, strategies, and requirements. Our UX team uses advanced methods to solve individual problems and ensure that user needs and business goals are connected.

We strive to build products that users actually want to use by ensuring usability, efficiency, usefulness, emotional impact, and meaningfulness. Through our UX process, we help to eliminate the need for costly rework and save time and money during development. We ask the right questions early on and ensure the best experience for everyone.

In the field of UX design, we have a deep understanding of user needs and ensure user-oriented design and development. We make sure that our projects meet high usability standards and help to convert ideas and expectations into coherent, implementable, and user-friendly solutions.

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What we offer

User-Centered Design

  • User Research
  • UI Design
  • Interaction Design and Prototyping
  • Accessibility Check
  • Usability Testing
  • UX Expert Review and Consulting
  • Design Thinking

From Challenges to Solutions

Every project begins with a challenge: an issue in the daily process, an idea for an innovative product, or a system that needs improvement. How do we arrive at a solution?

As UX designers, we work in rapid and efficient iterations that include analysis, design, prototyping, and evaluation to explore different approaches and find the best solutions.

Throughout the entire process, we follow a user-centered design approach.  This means that no matter what phase we are in, we always focus on the users and their needs. At each stage, we select the best and most relevant UX and usability methods for each individual project.

How we work

1. Analysis

In the analysis phase, we discover fundamental problems by understanding and clarifying requirements and identifying the needs, goals, and expectations of users. As UX designers, we conduct user research through interviews, focus groups, and workshops. With these insights, we create personas, user journey maps, and reports in order to build a shared understanding. For us, it’s important to give users a voice so that they can improve and simplify their daily lives and align their interests with business goals.

2. Design

After establishing the requirements, we start with rough sketches and simple tools. We put ideas onto paper – no matter how visionary or crazy they may seem – and generate a wide range of options in a rapid and iterative manner. In a concept and creativity workshop, we involve relevant stakeholders and users in order to realize even more potentials and gain more perspectives. We continually visualize our ideas to make sure everyone has the same picture in mind. At a later stage, we converge our ideas into a solid and well-thought-out solution. We then define visual elements such as layout, style, and colors, taking into account corporate identity. The goal is to create consistent, appealing, and user-friendly solutions based on our findings as well as on best practices, accessibility, and guidelines.

3. Prototype

In order to show the overall interaction flow and how processes work together, we create tangible prototypes. A prototype is a linkage of single views that simulates the behavior of an application. Prototypes can range from low fidelity (e.g., a sequence of post-it notes) to high-fidelity (e.g., a clickable prototype that looks like the final application). With the help of prototypes, it is possible to evaluate solutions from early on.

4. Evaluate

In this phase, we evaluate our ideas and solutions to find usability issues and validate user acceptance and experience. On one hand, we collect feedback directly from users by conducting usability tests. On the other hand, we perform expert reviews and heuristic evaluations. We summarize and prioritize our findings in reports and define specific action points for improvement. This phase can prevent failure and enables digital product advantage.

Meet the Experts

Daniela Hellmann, Head of UX at Cloudflight

Daniela Hellmann

Head of UX
Daniela joined the Cloudflight community in 2018 to integrate and drive user-centered design across various projects and within Cloudflight. Together with Karin, she built the UX team at Cloudflight with the goal of creating an environment for growth, shared expertise and team spirit.

Karin Pirklbauer, Head of UX at Cloudflight

Karin Pirklbauer

Head of UX
Karin joined Cloudlight in 2013 as a UX and graphic designer. After years of working in both fields, she shifted her focus to UX. Eventually, she teamed up with Daniela to build the UX team at Cloudflight with the goal of creating an environment for growth, shared expertise and team spirit.

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