Industry 4.0 Quiz 2017

You probably know Catalysts/Cloudflight in connection to Big Data and High Performance Computing.
But we actually have successfully implemented several projects in the sector of industry 4.0 in the last years.

One might think, “That’s all nice to hear, but why is that important?”
The following quiz shows chances and advantages through industry 4.0 – maybe you can identify business models relevant to your company.

Start now and check up your knowledge in the Industry 4.0 sector. The answers are explaine in the respective background information.

1.) Which industry branches are suitable for industry 4.0 development?

a) Industry 4.0 is in first instance an enrichment for the service industry.
b) Industrie 4.0 can be used in all industrial contexts where processes need to be more intelligent.
c) Especially in the automotive and agricultural sector.

2.) Which economical potential do you see with industry 4.0 in the german speaking area? (D, CH,A)

a) a plus of 43 billion euros until 2025 in the value chain.
b) a plus of 59 billion euros until 2025 in the value chain.
c) a possible plus of 78 billion euros until 2025 in the value chain.

3.) What is a Smart Factory?

a) Robots who will replace people?
b) Factories and logistic systems that will operate and organise themselves without human interaction?
c) Factories and logisitc systems that will organise themselves by human interaction.

4.) Which role do internet technologies and the “IoT” play in the context of industry 4.0?

a) They form the base to connect everyday items.
b) They form the base for an environmental friendly production.
c) They form among others the base for corporate communication.

5.) When will the industry 4.0 reach the market?

a) To reach a production environment – this will not happen before 2030.
b) First implementations will be released by 2020.
c) Industry 4.0 is already being used in several production lines.

We actually have our open day on 2nd March 2017 in Linz – where we are looking forward to inform you personally about all details and in which projects we already implemented industry 4.0. Next to that you will get in touch with a great team that stands behind Catalysts/Cloudflight.

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