Digital Innovation & Product Design

We shape leaders in digital innovation. Companies who generate a substantial revenue through digital services and products are most likely to grow business and become drivers of their own markets. Regardless whether you want to digitize existing products or develop entirely new platforms, Cloudflight helps you to define individual concepts with a close look on the most recent market trends and customer requirements. From scratch or based on existing concepts & ideas, we will guide you to a clear concept and first prototypes.

Project Case

Together with CORE smartwork we develop the package CORE soft, a software solution for the implementation of ERM (Employee Relationship Management). CORE soft supports as a communication tool,targeted management processes and methodologies for the development and maintenance of the corporate and organizational culture.

ERM deals primarily with the development and maintenance of the employer brand that represents a company in the labor market. The goal of ERM is to find the right and best people and to retain them with enthusiasm for the company and to support their development in the long term. CORE soft supports these processes right from the application of new employees. Fourteen modules facilitate communication and organization, also providing means for common recreation staff and manage the knowledge management efficiently.

Our agile development methods enable us despite the scope timely delivery, while maintaining our high quality standards.

Although CORE soft is designed as a product, it offers various settings for each customer, from styling to business logic, or interfaces to existing legacy systems. That way we can deliver customized solutions for each client.


3D Cockpit

3D Cockpit 3D Browser Visualization of automated guided vehicles. From challenges to solutions Challenge Technologies that came into the years had to be completely exchanged.…
project details

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