Cloud Implementation

With our Cloud implementation offering Cloudflight enables customers to release faster and reduce time to market. We develop scalable solutions that build on top of a global infrastructure and make use of ready to use building blocks. Our DevOps Engineers & Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) integrate into an agile development process and support with secure build pipelines & infrastructure setup, architecture advisory and best practices to create maintainable state of the art systems. During the development, we utilise load testing, chaos engineering, and penetration testing to detect issues before it’s too late.

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Cloud Architecture

We define the cloud architecture together with our customers to integrate individual technologies, components and functions when building clouds.

Cloud DevOps Support

We provide holistic advice on implementing DevOps and accelerating application delivery without compromising quality.

Cloud-Native Solution

We develop cloud-native solutions based on cloud-provided services and microservice architectures.


Cloud App Modernisation

We support with the modernisation of applications to integrate their functionality into a cloud native system.

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