Artificial Intelligence

Our AI experts help evaluate the potential of intelligent and algorithm-based AI technologies and implement them into your digital products, applications, and platforms. Cloudflight enables customers to collaboratively develop analytical predictive- and AI-models along with full and automated integration into your value chain.

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Get Inspired Virtual Event: AI & why your company needs it now

In our event on 2. July 2020, our technical experts spoke about the great relevance of AI in a business context and why it can also be seen as the new electricity. They visualized this with interesting insights into our project work, covering two fields of AI – Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.


AI Integra­tion

AI models can solve complex challenges. However, we see them as part of a bigger picture and integrate them seamlessly into applications and the exisitng IT landscape.

SID, classifier at Cloudflight


Our classifier SID helps to make our complex world a little more manageable, by providing desired classifications – based on data and learning from examples.

EVA, computer vision specialist at Cloudflight


EVA applies Computer Vision technology to be able to interpret images and videos and extract information out of them, such as detecting objects or persons.

ALVINA, predictor at Cloudflight


ALVINA learns from past events and predicts the future.

BERNI, natural language processor at Cloudflight


BERNI is able to extract machine-readable information out of written or spoken text by applying NLP methods.

PAUL, Recommender at Cloudflight


PAUL analyzes data and behavior patterns to provide tailored recommen­dations.

To get an inspiration of where AI can add value to your organization, just try out some of our interactive demos at


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