Application Modernisation

Our goal in many custom software projects is to replace business-critical legacy systems with state-of-the-art technologies. These old systems often come with a number of risks:

  • Employees retire. Finding new people for old technologies is hard.
  • New requirements (mobile access etc.) are (nearly) impossible to implement
  • High license fees for hardware / software and their maintenance
  • No support available anymore
  • Security flaws

A new development can be frightening at the start, but one forgets a long list of advantages that will come along:

Technical advantages

Organisational advantages

Risk minimization

  • Stable, test driven developed software
  • Cleaning out old or deprecated parts and functionalities which are not in use anymore
  • Modular systems instead of ever growing spaghetti code
  • Software architecture that is documented and easy to maintain
  • Prepared to run in your (private) Cloud infrastructure
  • Easy onboarding of new employees
  • Accelerating your core business processes
  • Clean domain model
  • Failure safety instead of single point of failure
  • Replacing of legacy hardware (spare parts often not available anymore)
  • Exit of vendor lock in

Keeping legacy systems running can be a true disadvantage for your company. It just postpones the inevitable as the core systems have to be renewed or replaced. The real litmus test for IT Managers is the perception of legacy systems and the preparation of colleagues and other managers on the renewal of business critical systems. Use the project experience Cloudflight has gained of the years!

What does this mean for you as a client

  • With Cloudflight you found a partner with a great amount of experience in replacing legacy systems
  • Close collaboration between the user and your internal IT in the creation of a new system
  • Solving deployment problems through central roll out of applications
  • Replacement of outdated Fat-client solutions
  • Save costs in the adaption and extensions

Cloudflight brings your legacy application into shape

Project Cases

Meet the Experts

Stefan Starke, Technical Project Lead at Cloudflight

Stefan Starke

… is a software architect for large web-based software projects in an agile environment. With more than fifteen years of professional experience, he already gained a lot of practical experience in modern software development.

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