Digital E-Mobility 2022

Digital E-Mobility 2022

Using AI and networking to create tomorrow's user- and climate-friendly electric mobility

Everyone is currently talking about electromobility, and not without reason: as a climate-friendly mobility alternative to internal combustion engines, it can make a significant contribution to achieving our climate goals. It is therefore not surprising that the expansion of e-mobility should be pushed ahead massively and that numerous funding programs have been initiated.

In addition to the financial support, a significant increase in the user experience with regard to the charging infrastructure, the tariff options and in particular the usability of the software is essential to achieve the desired goals. The focus of our vision Digital E-Mobility 2022 is therefore the development of a multi-channel software that bundles the currently existing isolated solutions with APIs and contributes to climate-friendly load management through AI.

The report initially provides an overview of the current market players and the provider landscape with the numerous existing isolated applications and the associated weaknesses and hurdles with regard to the expansion of e-mobility. Specific recommendations for action for the respective market players are shown and it is depicted how the expansion of e-mobility can be promoted by collaboration and developing a networked software platform.

Research Manager
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Table of Contents

Executive Summary E-Mobility Market Players Current Provider Landscape Customer Experience Vision – Digital E-Mobility 2022 Software Platforms Recommendations for Action

Research Manager

As Research Manager at Cloudflight, Luisa Lemmermann is responsible for Market and Technology Research.

After her Master's degree in English and American Culture and Business Studies at the University of Kassel, she joined Crisp Research in 2016 as Research Manager. Here she was responsible for market and data analysis as well as research on current IT trend topics such as IoT and Cloud Computing. After her trip around the world she returned to the Cloudflight Group in 2020 as Research Manager.


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