Cloud Native Trends of 2020

Cloud Native Trends of 2020

Cloud Native technologies are gradually picking up speed in the German-speaking world as well. Two thirds of all companies in the DACH region rely on Kubernetes & Co. today and in the future. For more and more companies, this raises the question of what they have to consider when setting up, developing and operating container clusters and digital platforms.

This report provides an answer to these questions as well as an insight into the current and upcoming Kubernetes & Cloud Native Trends 2020, which every CIO and IT manager should deal with. Especially in economically difficult times, it is important for decision-makers not to be left behind by technology.

We have defined the 15 key trends and developments that will reach the “the Cloud Native Universe” still in 2020. Decision-makers get an overview of the most important projects and technologies as well as recommendations for starting and expanding their own projects.


Table of Contents

Executive Summary The World of Cloud Native Technologies Cloud native used in companies Cloud native is more than just Kubernetes Cloud Native & Kubernetes Trends of 2020 Recommendations for Decision-makers

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