Welser Profile

Welser Profile Creator

Creating customized profiles of special cross sections – even without CAD-knowledge!

From challenges to solutions


Improve collaboration between Welser Profile and their own customers in order to create desired products more accurately and faster.


A tool that Welser Profile’s customers can use in order to independently create a desired product in short time.


A web platform where customers can create individualized profiles of desired products without requesting expert knowledge.


The main challenge is that there are many tools (communication tools, internal tools for creating profiles etc.) that are used for the finished products. This makes the ordering process very complex and lengthy.

Welser profile wants to simplify complex processes and automate them in order to improve performance and competitive position.


Creation of a platform to collaborate with customers from the idea to the finished product. Customers can easily create their own profiles and if they are finished they can order them at Welser Profile. Additionally they receive direct feedback on the feasibility of a certain profile that they construct. Customers with all backgrounds should be able to use it, even without prior CAD tool knowledge.


Customers only need a browser to use the Welser Profile Creator. Once they have registered they can easily decide from which basic shape they will start from. Shapes can be individually changed by adding holes or other elements to the profile. After the user finishes the design, they can contact Welser Profile support in order to get immediate feedback on the design.

Above described web-platform will be just the first part of the whole ordering process. By continuously improving the application, customers will be able to process orders directly on the platform without any human assistance.

Constant Improvement



Cloudflight develops individual software solutions. For the Welser Profile-Creator, they are doing the software solution design, implementation and testing.

Welser Profile are developing complex cross section profiles in close collaboration with their customers’ needs and requirements using steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals for virtually every application you can think of!


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  • Do you want to have an individual solution for creating your products with your customers.
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