u:space the new portal for students and teachers

Creating a modern, barrier-free, user-friendly portal through technical modernization and easy expandability

Single-Point-of-Entry for students and teachers

In cooperation with the University of Vienna, Cloudflight has been developing the new portal for students and teachers. u:space supports their everyday academic life covering everything from online-admissions to grad entries.

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Project scope


High expectations and the desire for results

Cloudflight was chosen as the new IT project partner after the cooperation with the previous service provider was ended. The challenge was to implement the production operation of the legacy application in one of the largest universities in Europe.


A Modern System and transition to agile work structures

Meeting expectations after only a few weeks, with the introduction of agile processes, a microservice architecture, automated software testing and a modern frontend framework. Afterward, ongoing further development of the new system and integration of the existing legacy systems together with the University of Vienna.


We have developed the modern university portal u:space.

The focus is on the development of various tools for students and teachers, with high quality, low costs, and safety in mind. In addition, a modern student ID card based on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) was implemented.

Prospective students can register directly at u:space and apply for admission to a study program. The admission to Degree Programmes is also possible, e.g. prospective and enrolled students can apply for admission to a new degree or a re-entry. The study overview comprises all classes students are admitted to or have completed, and provides information about fees. In the record of examinations, students can check their grades and progress in their studies.

In the My Documents overview, students can find and print documents such as certificates and payment slips. The registration system provides a convenient way for students to check relevant information related to their lectures and exams. Combined with the intuitive registration process, this makes handling registrations a breeze. The interface for teachers is the main administration tool for courses and exams. It provides teachers with an overview of the students enrolled and the possibility of grading.

Cloudflight is a provider of customized software solutions. This project focuses on the creation of a portal with central access and services for students and teachers.

The University of Vienna is one of the oldest and largest universities in Europe. As the largest educational institution in Austria, it offers students a wide range of courses. At the same time, thousands of lecturers and scientists work at 20 faculties.


  • Do you want to quickly replace an old system?
  • Do you want to use the advantages of an agile approach?
  • We are happy to share our know-how, just contact us and let us talk!

Mag. Anton Bayer
Public Sector Lead

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