Big Project on a Winning Track—On Time & On Budget

In cooperation with the University of Vienna Cloudflight has been developing the new portal for students and teachers. U:SPACE supports their everyday academic life covering everything from online-admission to entering grades.

The core tasks were to replace all legacy-systems and to create a Single Point of Entry.

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Thus far the following applications have been successfully replaced and incorporated.

The new interface unifies the digital appearance of the University of Vienna and is, of course, highly accessible!


Prospective students can register at u:space to apply for admission to study.

Study Overview

The study overview comprises all studies students are admitted to or have completed and informes about fees.

Admission to Degree Programmes

Prospective students and students can apply for admission to a new degree or a re-entry.

Record of Examinations

In the record of examinations students can check their grades and their progress of study.

Interface for teachers

The interface for teachers is the main administration tool for courses and exams. It provides teachers with an overview of registered students and the possibility of grading.

My Documents

In this overview, students can find and print documents like certificates. Payment slips and semester tags can be printed out at the self-service terminals at the university.


After a project lead time of 14 months, the University of Vienna chose Cloudflight as a new project IT partner to implement the requirements concerning time, safety and quality. With the introduction of an agile approach and the successful replacement of legacy systems, Cloudflight was able to meet the partner’s high expectations after only one sprint and continued the development and the ongoing integration of existing legacy systems in U:SPACE.

Thanks to the test-driven and agile method, users can look forward to newly integrated features every month as the systems are gradually integrated into U:SPACE.

»Cloudflight revolutionized our working style to scrum. With the seamless replacement of our legacy systems, together with modern software architecture, we managed to reach a turnaround to a successful project.«

Stephan Prechtl, University of Vienna

»Technical innovative solutions are built in a collective development. Excellent usability and a system that leaves room

for expansions are characterizing U:SPACE.«

Markus Koller, University of Vienna

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