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In cooperation with the Austrian Ski Association (ÖSV), Cloudflight has developed software to digitally transmit shooting images to coaches and athletes on the biathlon course. With this app, the athletes of the ÖSV team not only get information on how to react at the shooting range but can also see every single shot on the target and can better follow instructions from the coaches on the course during the race.

Georg Ogris, Transportation & Logistics Industry Focus Leader at Cloudflight

Georg Ogris
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What the ÖSV experts say

“Internationally, there is no comparable program, even though many other nations have already tried to develop a similar software” Ricco Groß, Head Men’s Coach of the ÖSV

“The program is a great support for us athletes. We not only get the information on how to react at the shooting range but also see every single shot and can follow the instructions during the race” David Komatz, top Austrian athlete and winner of the silver medal at the 2021 Biathlon World Championships in Pokljuka


The cooperation with the ÖSV started in 2017, when the request for an app that could be used to determine the shooting patterns of biathlon athletes was first submitted. The original use case was an Android application that transmits biathlon shot patterns from the shooting range to the course to provide feedback to the athletes.

The need for an update led to the revival of this partnership. The app went through a complete makeover and we equipped it with many innovative extras.

The challenge of this project was to cover a wide range of requirements. Not only did we have to make sure more users could use the software simultaneously, but we also had to find a suitable algorithm that compared and filtered the data. In addition, we coordinated the usability down to the last detail with the coaches of the ÖSV with the goal of making the usage as simple as possible for the team.


In order to adapt the program perfectly to the needs of the coaches and athletes, there was close cooperation between the ÖSV and the Cloudflight software developers during the core project period. From the beginning, our team dealt with the needs of the ÖSV and tried to meet the requirements. This included interviews, site visits, and observations. In the next steps, we evaluated concepts and prototypes alongside athletes and coaches. Finally, the software was to not only enable simple shot marking but also to allow an efficient flow of communication between people at different positions on the course. This also results in the complexity of the app, which must function with 100% reliability under competitive conditions – not least because biathlon success comes often down to speed. Even a few tenths of a second can be decisive for winning a medal.


Our solution is a unique individual software that, in its current form, clearly stands out from the market – a clear competitive advantage for the ÖSV!

The solution designed by Cloudflight allows the determination of a shot image that the coach can accurately draw on a tablet after looking through the binoculars. For example, if the coach recognizes a clear tendency of the five shots in a certain direction, the logical consequence will be a correction of the sighting line. In order to transmit this information to the corresponding athlete who is already back on the course, the marked shooting positions are now immediately forwarded to the co-coach directly on the course. This allows the athletes to evaluate their shots and the coaches to deduce measures for the next shooting session. All this happens without causing the athletes any delay. In the meantime, the software is already indispensable, especially in extreme situations at the racecourse. The ÖSV thus receives a clear added value through individual software and cooperation in a partnership.

Incidentally, our app has also developed into a comprehensive analysis tool. That’s because the internal database compiles countless shot images and data after all the competitions and training sessions and continually works with important insights for the future.

For the ÖSV, a progressive idea became a unique selling point in the biathlon. This will guarantee the team more accuracy in the future.

With over 1100 clubs and around 130,000 members, the Austrian Ski Association is one of the largest sports associations in Austria.

Austria has had numerous successes in alpine skiing. Athletes such as Katharina Innerhofer, who in March 2014 became the first Austrian to win a race in the Biathlon World Cup, have also triumphed in the biathlon. The last triumph was achieved by the ÖSV Biathlon Team consisting of David Komatz, Simon Eder, Dunja Zdouc, and Lisa Hauser at the 2021 Biathlon World Championships in Pokljuka (SLO). With an excellent run, the team secured the silver medal in the first race. In addition, Lisa Hauser became world champion in the mass start and runner-up in the pursuit competition. At the end of the season, the small crystal globe for winning the individual competition rounded off the successful season.

Impressions from the training center in Obertilliach
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Georg Ogris, Transportation & Logistics Industry Focus Leader at Cloudflight

Georg Ogris

Industry Focus Leader Transportation & Logistics

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Business Developer at Cloudflight

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