Yellog—The successful replacement of legacy systems

Yellog offers independence and security 

In close collaboration with the development team of Schachermayer, Cloudflight gradually replaces the centerpiece of the company – the storage and logistic system (MLWL) – as well as the hub of shipping and the barcode scanner. The new application called Yellog takes over the functions of the old systems and extends them to meet the requirements of logistics. 

Georg Ogris, Transportation & Logistics Industry Focus Leader at Cloudflight

Georg Ogris
Industry Focus Leader
Transportation & Logistics

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A company like Schachermayer has grown up to a major corporation over the years. Such a growth means also a simultaneous expansion of the IT. The results are aging and insecure IT systems, whose maintenance and further development become an enormous burden. In addition there are problems like expensive licences and outdated technologies.

The challenge in introducing newer technologies in a large company like Schachermayer is that the ongoing operations must continue to run smoothly. Therefore a big-bang introduction was out of the question for a project of this size. Another complicating factor was that the functionality of the legacy systems was sometimes not well documented.

The project therefore required not only the new implementation of a technology, but also a restructuring of the processes.


The idea was to co-create a smooth, state-of-the-art solution that meets the requirements of today’s technology, can be expanded at any time, and thus offers independence and security. The warehouse and logistics employees required a solution consisting of three different components: a renewed front end, a new back end as the core of the program, and an interface for the integration of the existing systems of Schachermayer. This solution was intended to solve the problem that a new program had to be installed manually on every single computer by developing a web application that makes it possible to carry out updates directly on the server and thus remain up to date with the latest technology. 


With Yellog, Schachermayer gains the following advantages:  

Central logic

Several different applications are combined into one. 

Improved usability

Our experts provide a clear and easy-to-handle user interface.  

New features

Yellog is not only an improved version of the old systems but also contains numerous new functions – for example, user administration. 

software architecture

Clear documentation allows the effortless maintenance and further development of Yellog 

Fast search

By using Solr, the search is ten-fold faster than in the old systems.


Our project team works closely with the in-house developers of Schachermayer. Mutual trust and appreciation are part of everyday practice. 

Gradual integration

The transition from the old system to Yellog happens by the department and, above all, without interrupting ongoing operations 

Always up to date

Weekly updates keep Yellog at the latest stage of development. 


Cloudflight and the Yellog team took over the Java/Kotlin and front-end development. Supported by our internal UI/UX team, we designed the user interface for an optimal user experience.


Schachermayer provided a team that took over the PL/SQL interfaces of the existing systems, the DB development, and the internal requirements engineering. Schachermayer also provided a team member to support the Yellog team at Cloudflight in Java/front end development and to keep communication channels short and free of red tape.


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Georg Ogris, Transportation & Logistics Industry Focus Leader at Cloudflight

Georg Ogris
Industry Focus Leader
Transportation & Logistics

Before his engagement at Cloudflight, Georg held posts as a Software Engineer and Computer Scientist in areas such as Earth Observation, Electronic Health, and Intelligent Transportation Technology.

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