In close collaboration with the development team of Schachermayer Cloudflight incrementally replaces the centerpiece of the company—the storage and logistic system (MLWL)—as well as the hub of shipping and the barcode scanner. The new application called Yellog takes over the functions of the old systems and extends them to meet the requirements of the logistic.



The size of the team depends on the current requirements of the project and varies between 3 and 6 persons.



The usage of automated tests guarantees a fast and reliable error detection even before they occur in the daily business.

Why the effort pays off!

A company like Schachermayer has grown up to a major corporation over the years. Such a growth means also a simultaneous expansion of the IT. The results are aging and insecure IT systems, whose maintenance and further development become an enormous burden. In addition there are problems like expansive licences and outdated technologies. With Yellog Schachermayer gains a smooth state-of-the-art solution, that matches the requirements of today’s technology and can be extended anytime. Yellog provides independence and safety.

Advantages for Schachermayer

Central logic: Three different applications are combined to one application.

Improved usability: Our experts provide a clear and easy to handle user interface.

New features: Yellog is not only an improved version of the old systems, but also contains numerous of new functions, for example the user administration.

Maintainable, documented software architecture: A clear documentation allows an effortless maintenance and further development of Yellog.

Fast Search: Because of the usage of Solr the search is tenfold faster than in the old systems.

Teamwork: Our project team works closely with the in-house developers of Schachermayer. Mutual trust and appreciation are part of the daily practice.

Incremental integration: The transition from the old system to Yellog happens by department and what is the most important, without interrupting the ongoing business.

Always up to date: Weekly updates keep Yellog at the latest stage of development.


A superb teamwork is of great concern to us.
This is why we are particularly happy about the positive feedback received from our developing partners and the users of Yellog.

What does this mean for you as a customer?

  • A close collaboration with our developers during the redevelopment of your IT.
  • Continuous exchange of knowledge and iterative feedback.
  • You receive a multifunctional, highly performant team which supports you ideally according to the requirements of the project.
  • We are experts in the field of legacy systems and have many years of project experience.

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