Why Cloudflight Partnered Up with Hyperloop

World's first fully self-sustaining and large-scale transportation system.

Hyperloop revolutionizes public transport

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies is a collaborative organization founded in 2013 with the goal of revolutionizing locomotion over long distances. It consists of over 800 highly specialized technicians, scientists and creators of 38 countries. Cloudflight, as an investor and developing partner, is one of these specialists and has been supporting Hyperloop since 2015.

Hyperloop stands for an eco-friendly, efficient and safe way to get from A to B. The transportation system allows the passengers to travel at the speed of a plane. Moreover, it will produce more energy than it consumes.

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Enikö Buchtala

Enikő Buchtala 
Automotive Industry Focus


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The current mobility ecosystem is facing challenges like climate change, inefficient usage of resources, poor road safety, scarce mobility solutions, no transparency regarding delays and expensive tickets despite public benefits.


  • Develop new business models and innovative mobility services in order to ensure an eco- and user-friendly, affordable and comfortable end-to-end transportation for all passengers.
  • Deliver a cluster technology solution, which is able to process events from millions of IoT devices per second by consuming just the energy needed to run your hairdryer in the morning.


Cloudflight delivers powerful servers and the necessary backend to push a project like Hyperloop. Therefore we lead a worldwide distributed team—the Digital Innovations Team—and provide the required infrastructure. We allocate both high-performance algorithms for the route calculation and booking as well as the operating infrastructure for the market. Furthermore, we ensure the integration of various external payment providers to offer a broad range of payment methods to future passengers.


  • Do you believe that technology could solve transportation problems such as shortcomings in sustainability and efficiency?
  • Do you want to develop innovative and user-centered mobility services?
  • Do you want to accelerate your decarbonization plans as a company?
  • Do you need to process data from millions of IoT sensors in real-time?
  • Give us a call if you are looking for a reliable partner for shaping the future mobility ecosystem!
Enikö Buchtala

Enikő Buchtala
Automotive Industry Focus Co-Lead

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