ÖAMTC Smart Connect

Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things providing safety all along the road

Smart Connect revolutionizes roadside assistance

Cloudflight has been supporting ÖAMTC since 2017 with custom software engineering for the project Smart Connect. The project redefines the state-of-the-art roadside assistance through intelligent and automated forwarding of warnings, error messages and operating data from the driver’s car. Smart Connect reports warnings directly to an ÖAMTC technician who takes on the analysis and diagnosis and contacts the driver and intervenes before a breakdown occurs.

Dominik Rockenschaub, Head of Transport & Mobility Solutions

Dominik Rockenschaub
Automotive and Mobility


trips completed


non-critical engine fault codes for analysis


critical engine fault codes reported


batteries identified as “likely to fail”


Drivers have no reliable overview of the condition of their vehicle, the journeys made and driving habits.

Vehicle condition: Drivers must ensure that their vehicle is always in the best condition and safe. Vehicles can have a wide range of issues and tackling them immediately is important in order to avoid further damages.

Driving habits: Drivers who make several business trips need to keep track of them manually in order to create the relevant tax office compliant trip log. Drivers have no opportunity to optimize their driving habits such as eco score and fuel consumption due to a lack of visibility of information involving their trips.


We provide accurate information in a cohesive manner  on everything concerning the condition and driving of a vehicle

Vehicle condition: As soon as an issue is detected, the ÖAMTC needs to be informed with all precise and detailed information so that appropriate assistance can be provided for the vehicle. In the event of a critical problem, the ÖAMTC can automatically contact the driver and provide adequate assistance.

Driving habits:
Automatic creation of a logbook for the tax office based on the activity of the vehicle.

Provision of statistics based on each trip made,  providing drivers with useful insights on their driving habits


We provide useful insights collected in an automated way and presented in mobile and web applications

Vehicle condition: A smart, easy-to-install device unobtrusively collects information on the vehicle condition and completed trips. This device can detect and collect minor as well as critical mechanical issues on the vehicle and at the same time provide both drivers and ÖAMTC mechanics with insights into the needs of repair via notifications in a mobile app.

Driving habits: An implemented web application manages the collected driver’s logbook and checks statistics and insights about the completed trips and driving habits.

  • ÖAMTC provides the requirements as well as the infrastructural support necessary  for the development, deployment and hosting of the products
  • Cloudflight develops both the backend services and the frontend web views for the project.
  • Open Research develops mobile applications
  • DRVN provides smart devices and delivers information about the vehicles and their trips


  • Do you need intelligent forwarding of alerts?
  • Do you want to process data from millions of IoT devices?
  • We deliver solutions for your needs – let us talk!

Dominik Rockenschaub
Industry Focus Leader Automotive & Mobility

Enikő Buchtala, Co-Lead Autumotive Industry Focus, Requirements Engineer & Scrum Master at Cloudflight

Enikö Buchtala
Automotive Industry Focus

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