Justiz 3.0 – electronic integration portal

The fully integrated workplace for an ergonomic interaction of all juristic applications.

From challenges to solutions


Justice demands a fully digital and structured way to process various procedural steps.


Existing applications will be combined, equipped with a consistent user interface and expanded by new functions.


The electronic integration portal forms the bridge between analog and digital world and guides the user through all steps of the digitalized lawsuit.


Different steps in the court procedure brought countless switches between the analog paper documents and existing digital applications.

To meet the demands for a consistent digital workflow, the user needs to be provided with a coherent and simple user experience. Thus, a homogenized user interface is required which covers all tasks around the processing of a case. The paper chaos has to be replaced by the electronic files – many different applications will be visually combined to one application.




The new application – the electronic integration portal – appears similar to the concept known from web browser to show specific windows in separate tabs. All necessary web- and rich client applications are accessible via menu on the left side of the screen. A uniform appearance and behavior of various areas helps the users to find their way faster and more easily.

To further boost workflow efficiency the system considers different work modes (preparation, trial, etc.) and workplace situations (multiple monitors, public trials with projector, mobile workplace, etc.).



The electronic integration portal (eIP) integrates all existing IT modules and covers each tasks around lawsuit. It supports the user to open the right application module for the current processing step and prefills it with the respective case information to provide a consistent user experience – from creating a case to the final verdict.

Each workplace as well as the courtrooms have been equipped with a tablet PC and two big screens. The electronic integration portal can be fitted to every workplace situation and saves these settings for each workplace. During trial the presiding judge projects their content to screens placed in the room. If there is still the need for analog paper, despite digitalization, a document camera is used to show the piece of paper on screen.


Cloudflight is a supplier of custom made software solutions. This project focuses on the implementation of a homogeneous system with fast and simple workflows to modernize and improve file management in lawsuit.


The Federal Ministry of Constitutional Affairs, Reforms, Deregulation and Justice is a federal administrative authority. It ensures the judiciary’s independence and the proper administration of justice regarding the population’s legal interests. Furthermore, the ministry is in charge of drafting legislative acts in constitutional, civil, and criminal law on the one hand and sees to the agendas of reforms and deregulation on the other.


The Austrian Federal Computing Centre or Bundesrechenzentrum (BRZ) is a public information technology (IT) service provider based in Vienna. The organization develops and operates e-government services for the Austrian Federal Government, including the Federal Ministries and the Federal Chancellery.

  • Does your company use a big amount of various applications which can render digital processing cumbersome?
  • Would you like create a good and consistent user experience for your users?
  • Are there analog workflows in your company that should be part of the past by now?
  • We analyze both your existing applications and analog workflows and offer a custom solution especially for your needs.