Copernicus Land Monitoring – CLC+ Core

Employing a multi-use grid-based data repository to support tailored thematic information about land use & land cover

A project to improve the categorization of land use & land cover, which are relevant to the success of climate mitigation efforts.

On behalf of the European Environment Agency (EEA), Cloudflight is developing one of the three parts of the CLC+ Suite (CORINE Land Cover 2nd generation). The first being the CLC+ Backbone which contains some raw data and the infrastructure. Second, there is the CLC+ Core that makes it possible to consolidate large volumes of land monitoring data and standardize these heterogeneous data using the EAGLE nomenclature in order to output customized information layers resulting in the final output: a CLC+ Instance.

Michael Aspetsberger, Industry Focus Leader Aerospace at Cloudflight

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The CLC+ Core project is part of the Copernicus Land Monitoring Service (CLMS) which is a European program for monitoring the Earth that collects data from observation satellites and combines it with observation data from sensor networks on the earth’s surface.

Once collected, the data is processed, providing reliable and up-to-date information within six thematic areas. These areas are: land, marine, atmosphere, climate change, emergency management and security. These six thematic information services are subsequently managed by various organisations.

The CLMS provides geographical information on land cover to a broad range of users in the field of environmental terrestrial applications.  This includes land use and land cover characteristics as well as changes, vegetation state, water cycle and earth surface energy variables. These CLMS products are furthermore split into five categories one of which is land cover and land use mapping.

The products and services (and their priorities) are continually evolving and their creation and development are defined in consultation with stakeholder communities, who receive advice from the Copernicus User Forum. Cloudflight is providing its expertise in helping the CLC+ Core project with further improvements on the software.

After all the CLC+ project will not only satisfy the needs of the European Environment Agency (EEA) itself, but of all countries of the European Economic Area (32 member states & 6 cooperating countries). Each government has their own policies, frameworks, data formats, and databases. This all leads to the necessity of fulfilling vast amounts of requirements, meeting the expectations of stakeholders, and coping with uncertainties about the design and workflow of the final product.

The CLC+ Core system will eventually cover the entire territory of the EEA-38 states, amounting to almost 6 million km² in the EU. In order to output a CLC+ Instance the desired datasets have to be imported (ingestion) into the system and the results calculated based on the applied rules (extraction) will be available within a few hours.


The team at Cloudflight created a blueprint laying out which opportunities to seize and what best practices to adopt in order to make the system suitable for end-users and yet able to cope with huge quantities of data.

From a technical point of view, the underlying challenge is making the system easy to use and providing it with sufficient functionality in order to create a viable software solution.

The CLC+ Core database (one of the components of CLC+) allows to derive products, also called instances for support to key EU policy needs, as well as to specific needs from stakeholders in the Member States of the European Economic Area. Important first use-cases for CLC+ Core instances are around monitoring, reporting and validation to support the implementation of the Regulation on the inclusion of greenhouse gas emissions and removals from land use, land use change and forestry (LULUCF).

Therefore, after outlining a proof of concept, Cloudflight put emphasis on as much end-user involvement as possible in order to swiftly adapt the solution to the needs of its customers.

Our approach: Be agile!

By deploying a flexible data handling approach, CLC+ Core will incorporate existing and future European Copernicus Land Monitoring Service (CLMS) products and various national Land Cover/Land Use products using a standardized integration approach in line with the EAGLE data model.

In order to ensure that users are able to easily create complex expression rules we implemented a Ruleset Query Builder.


Following up on the CLC+ Backbone, CLC+ Core constitutes the second stage of the CLC+ Product Suite. The entire suite will serve as the new standard on aggregating, standardizing, and combining existing land use and land cover data.

The CLC+ Core provides a grid-based data model based on the EEA reference grid in which various input data can be collected. This grid is then used to produce new instance data. CLC+ Core also enables users to combine harmonized datasets of different thematic and temporal contexts as well as different spatial resolution. These extractions can be based on a combination of datasets from different sources. The aim of the system is to suitable high quality information from expert users. Therefore, the system should be simple to use, easy to understand, and flexible about the data it accepts.

Therefore the system requires:

Simplicity & user-friendliness
regarding its handling
Flexibility concerning
input data

Cloudflight develops customized software solutions with a focus on high-performance computing, scalability, and reliability. The software for this project is developed, validated, deployed, and hosted by Cloudflight leveraging the vast knowledge of in-house experts.


GeoVille GmbH is an Austrian-based company with the vision of remapping the unknowns of human activities around the world. The company is dedicated to providing a wide range of value-added services for Earth observation data and GIS applications.


GAF AG, an e-GEOS (Telespazio/ASI) company, was founded in 1985 as one of the first satellite remote sensing companies in Europe, which by now has become an important distributor of commercial Earth observation data.


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Michael Aspetsberger, Industry Focus Leader Aerospace at Cloudflight

Michael Aspetsberger
Industry Focus
Leader Aerospace

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