Cloudflight Aerial Processing Service (CAPS)

Reducing time-to-result and operational risk with Cloudflight's automated production process for DSMs, TrueDOP and 3D Meshes.


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Michael Aspetsberger, Industry Focus Leader Aerospace at Cloudflight

Michael Aspetsberger
Industry Focus
Leader Aerospace

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We were approached by a customer facing the issue of an untypically large project.

The amount of images and data was too large to be handled by their  in-house infrastructure within the given time. In addition, the client had never carried out a project of this size before, which posed a significant operational risk for them.

The customer asked us to create and deliver the results for them as a full service.


Building on the know-how we gained through our other AeroSpace projects on how to handle massive geospatial data.

Utilizing knowledge about our hardware – the so-called DER CLUSTER: CPU and GPU nodes and storage – and how to use it efficiently and most effectively with our own job scheduler.

Employing our own software solutions together with required additional methods to run on DER CLUSTER, with satisfactory speed, performance and deliver of all required products.


We partnered with company nFrames and integrated their world-class solution to reconstruct 3D surface from imagery – SURE – into DER CLUSTER.

Building processing chains that parallelize as many steps as possible, integrating them in our job scheduler for DER CLUSTER, and enabling us to provide a monitored and quality controlled full-service offering.

In comparison to single or processing with only a few individual machines, we speed up the process by leveraging the processing power of DER CLUSTER.

In the end – even though it is an automated service – we are still capable of tuning the processes towards our customer’s specific needs and wishes.

As BSF Swissphoto we are pleased to see an increasing demand for both small and large scale 2.5D and 3D flying services. For cost-efficient processing we need a professional service partner like Cloudflight, whom we can not only rely on for the creation of our products but who also works with us to develop suitable business models and implement them in digitalized workflows. We are therefore confident that we can continue to offer our customers the highest quality at attractive and competitive prices.

Dr. Roland Stengele, Managing Director BSF Swissphoto


Cloudflight develops customized software solutions, with a focus on high-performance computing, scalability and reliability. The software systems for this project are developed, validated, deployed and hosted by Cloudflight, leveraging the vast variety of in house experts.


nFrames, an Esri R&D center, develops the SURE software – leading technology for 3D reconstruction from images and lidar.

urbetho provides business development consultancy for Geo-IT companies that want to scale up their business and integrate their services into business solutions of other verticals like agronomics, IoT, logistics, telecom and utilities.


  • Wanna get your processing done in days instead of weeks/months?
  • Do you need a partner for data processing for your own aircraft?
  • Do you need support during peak load times?
  • Wanna outsource your acquisition projects’ processing and analysis?
  • We can assist you with the results you need!

Werner Mücke
AeroSpace Industry Focus Co-Lead, Cloudflight

Christoph Holter, Project Lead AeroSpace at Cloudflight

Christoph Holter
AeroSpace Project Lead

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