ÖIF – My Integration App

Helps asylum seekers learn about Austrian values.

Digital support for the learning process

Asylum seekers in Austria need to take German courses that contain some of Austrian values. The “My Integration” – App offers assistance during the learning process by providing explanations regarding those values, as well as a simulation for the real exam.

Mag. Anton Bayer
Public Sector


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Asylum seekers in Austria need to attend obligatory German courses which are concluded with an exam. In October 2017 on these language courses were extended by a part about Austrian values.

Although the documents and questions on the chosen values had already been prepared, they were not presented in an attractive manner for teaching purposes.


Since the majority of the target group owns a smartphone, the idea was born to develop an app for Android and iOS that would assist the people taking the course.


  • A study function that allows users to read the studying material sorted by category. The content is displayed in a language selected by the user.
  • An exercise feature that allows users to answer exam-like questions, with immediate evaluation. Here, users can choose between different levels of German (A1-B2).
  • A simulation feature, where users can test their knowledge by answering 18 questions in an exam-like setting, including an evaluation at the end. Again, users can choose between different levels of German (A1-B2).

Cloudflight develops both the iOS App as well as the Android App.

Austrian Fund for Integration provides the learning material and the sample questions for the exam.


  • Do you need an application that assists people in taking a course?
  • Want to implement an application that simulates an exam with evaluation at the end?
  • We are happy to support you in planning as well as implementation.

Mag. Anne Hejl BSc
Public Sector Lead

Mag. Anton Bayer
Public Sector Lead

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