Intuitive visualization of non-destructive testing results in quality assurance

Non-Destructive Testing meets Augmented Reality

Cloudflight developed a system that makes it easy to visualize NDT data using AR devices to simplify and accelerate processes for the operator.

Michael Aspetsberger, Industry Focus Leader Aerospace at Cloudflight

Michael Aspetsberger
Industry Focus
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The ever-growing need for non-destructive testing (NDT) – especially in industries striving for „zero failure production“ – has lead to an abundance of high resolution, multidimensional scan data sets. While these data sets enable an unprecedented level of quality of the component to be inspected, they are also challenging:

Visualizing and inspecting these data sets is a time consuming and largely non-intuitive process – with the biggest challenge being the registration of the scan data on the real world component.


In recent years the development of affordable and reliable virtual and augmented reality platforms has gained significant traction, especially from the consumer electronics industry.

The idea of this research project is to utilize these relatively low-cost platforms with the imaging capabilities of modern NDT measurement techniques to enable an intuitive and accurate inspection workflow.

By mapping NDT scan results onto the tested component, co-registration can be achieved. This allows the overlay of location-dependent measurement data on the component and thus enables the operator of such a system to quickly inspect positions of the component both on the real component and on in the scan data set.

Furthermore, by transforming the scan data into e.g. color-coded laser ultrasound measurement, an overlay can be projected onto the real component, thus simplifying the operator’s perception and not only accelerating the inspection process but possibly also enabling the detection of otherwise overlooked defect.


Together with our partner ReceNDT, one of the leading research companies in the field of non-destructive testing, we have developed a system that enables the user to project measured test results directly onto the measured component.

For this purpose, a process was defined which clearly specifies how the measurement data is to be prepared in order to enable seamless interaction between the virtual data and the real component.

The system itself is independent of the Augmented Reality technology that visualises the data and is therefore prepared for the constantly developing state-of-the-art in the field of Augmented Reality technology.

Cloudflight developed the software for the administration of non-destructive testing results and the subsequent projection onto the originally measured component using the developed Augmented Reality solution. Cloudflight provided its experts with years of experience in software engineering and computer vision.

ReceNDT was the coordinator of this research project and therefore responsible for the project coordination and, in its role as a specialist in this field, the measurement of 3D freeform objects and the generation of the non-destructive testing results which can be used by the developed software.


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Michael Aspetsberger, Industry Focus Leader Aerospace at Cloudflight

Michael Aspetsberger

Industry Focus Leader Aerospace
Ever since building his own toy rockets and airplanes 25 years ago, Michael has carried aerospace engineering within his heart. Having established the aerospace segment at Catalysts and Cloudflight, Michael and his team have been supporting public and private aerospace clients for close to a decade now.

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