Your city in 3D

High Speed Production of large-scale 3D models

The SURE Aerial Processing Service by Cloudflight uses images collected with aircrafts (e.g. planes, helicopters, drones / UAVs) and creates 3D models with textures, as well as so-called True Digital Orthophotos (TrueDOPs).

These photographs and models are not only stunning and beautiful to look at. No! They are a highly accurate data product and the basis for a city’s digital twin! One can use them to measure distances, areas, volumes — or for more advanced things, like solar potential analysis or to plan the locations for 5G installations!

Stay relaxed

Our automated and well-proven production process reduces your operational risk and let’s you finish your project on time! Loss of key personnel? Failure of critical hardware? We got you covered!

More Speed

DSM, TrueDOP or 3D Mesh production on the Cloudflight High Performance Compute Cluster significantly reduces the time-to-result! We are experienced in handling complex geo-spatial data sets and squeezing them through our production pipelines in the most efficient and effective way!


Forget about data management. Large-area projects typically grow multiple hundreds of Terabytes strong during processing. Send us your data and retrieve the final product shortly after. No need to buy and handle extra storage on-premise.

How can we assist you?

  • Would you like to get your processing done in days instead of weeks or months?
  • Do you operate your own aircrafts and need a partner for data processing?
  • Are you a producer of TrueDOPs, Digital Surface Models or 3D Meshes and need support during peak load times?
  • Do you have untypically large image acquisition projects and want to outsource their processing and analysis?

We work in close cooperation with you:

  • to get your project done!
  • to provide you with the results you need!

Our team


Cloudflight develops individual software solutions, with a focus on high performance computing, scalability and reliability. The software systems for this project are developed, validated, deployed and hosted by Cloudflight, leveraging the vast variety of in house experts.

nFrames develops software for 3D reconstruction from images with unique performance and flexibility. Multiple interfaces and modular in design to meet your professional requirements for quality production. SURE Software is built to be as simple as you want and as advanced as you need.

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