3D Cockpit

3D Browser Visualization of automated guided vehicles.

From challenges to solutions


Technologies that came into the years had to be completely exchanged.


Replacing a legacy system with state of the art technologies and visualize vehicles in 3 dimensional space.


State-of-the-art technologies (ASP.NET, WebGL, Angular) are used in order to achieve high durability for the next decade.


In this project, the former software was based on an old .NET – framework with windows forms. It was only in 2D and worked on windows desktop systems only. Keyboards and a mouse was a must and the usability was outdated.


Replace the legacy system with a newer, faster technology. Make it run on different OS including tablets and have a 3D visualization is a main goal. Redesign and implement a completely new UI concept using state of the art technologies.


Exchange the current 2D view with a 3D browser interface by using ASP.NET Core, Angular, WebGL, TypeScript, SignalR in order to achieve high durability for the next decade. Advantages: Multi device compatibility, better usability and 3D view.





DS Automotion

Cloudflight implements the visualization of the entire system. The current 2D view is replaced by a 3D browser interface.

DS AUTOMOTION is an internationally active system provider and manufacturer of driverless transport systems. Its innovative products and extensive scope of services enable DS AUTOMOTION to deliver to its customers solutions that improve their efficiency and competitiveness.


  • Overcome your fears or doubts of replacing legacy systems. A revamp not only pays of because of advantages in performance, but also in security.
  • Newer technologies will maybe open new doors for you that you did not think off until today.

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