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How efficient monitoring can improve the assessment of the severity and extent of damages due to weather events. PhenObserve optimizes damage forecasts and assessments by…
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Your city in 3D

The SURE Aerial Processing Service by Cloudflight uses images collected with aircrafts and creates 3D models with textures, as well as so-called True Digital Orthophotos…
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Automated document processing

Invoice Processing

Structured data is hard to extract in an automated way when it is not optimized for machine readability. We perform document processing and extract structured…
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3D Cockpit

3D Cockpit 3D Browser Visualization of automated guided vehicles. From challenges to solutions Challenge Technologies that came into the years had to be completely exchanged.…
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An intuitive and unobtrusive method for visualizing and interacting with large multidimensional scan data using state of the art augmented reality technology.
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