Smart Energy Consulting: a Cloudflight client with disruptive potential

There are many ways to leverage expertise and use it to generate value for you and your business. Some examples we often talk about are cloud-native transformations, digitalization, AI, and novel business models. But it doesn’t end there. Creating software that matters is relevant to us. Together with that, we would like to showcase how of our partners – Smart Energy Consulting – generates value for others using their expertise.  

How it all started

The collaboration between Cloudflight and Smart Energy Consulting dates back to September 2020, when Smart Energy Consulting  identified specific customer needs in the energy sector. These needs were not fulfilled by any other players in the market, and it was not possible to provide a solution  to the customers. That’s why Smart Energy Consulting decided to offer a 360-degree innovative consulting approach for the customer.
Our collaboration started with the MVP of the Smart Energy portal.  The portal is currently being fine-tuned.  

 Since its foundation in 2016 by Thomas Kircher, Smart Energy Consulting has gone from small team of experts to a wider solution that helps users achieve a key factor in business success: cutting costs. 


A disruptive concept

The times when a company needed to have decades of experience  to gain more trust from an audience are long gone. –We are now in the era of start ups. What matters  most are ideas that make people’s lives easier and the willingness to implement them.  Even better if these ideas   help shape our planet’s environmental fate for the better.
But how exactly does this happen?  

Smart Energy Consulting has recently  launched an online form that will allow both private and corporate users to hand over their addresses, thereby giving Smart Energy Consulting the consent to gather contracts and invoices from grid operators and energy suppliers. The company will then use its knowledge to process and analyze the data. The outcome is a process that, in the worst case, will cost users less than  a minute of their time and no financial investment.  As a rule, it should allow users to save money.  That’s something that everyone – from companies to private households – is continually striving for.  

This model will likely not  replicate without the specific expertise  of the company. It also offers users a whole new way of looking at  energy consumption. But this isn’t the only thing we see on the horizon for this project. 

Value: A key growth driver

As we mentioned in our Cloudflight Technology Focus article, many tools, technologies, solutions, and applications tend to start with one focus before they expand on it and reach a wider audience of adopters. 

In our articles, we are no stranger  to predictions. After all, looking at trends is part of our day-to-day job. We thus have  some perspective on the future of this initiative.  Smart Energy Consulting is currently offering its expertise in the field to companies and private individuals. But there’s nothing stopping it from  growing into a more generalized tool within a relatively short period of time.
How? The answer is simple: value.


If the inherent value of offering financial advantages to users with no upfront cost didn’t sound like enough to some, we believe in this company’s potential to turn into a community portal where private individuals, companies, and energy providers alike can come together on  the topic of energy consumption. Going beyond mere numbers and savings, Smart Energy Consumption can become a marketplace. One where users meet not only to save energy but also to compare prices, place offers and, more importantly, get data on how their new energy habits affect  their environmental footprint. 

Making a (digital) difference

As tautological as it may sound, what matters to us is creating software that matters – not because of the software per se but because of the positive effects technology has on our lives. 

The goal of progress is driving humanity forward. It often does so by making our lives  easier. Nevertheless, affecting  people’s lives is rarely something that can be achieved along – Whether through employees or partnerships, there is always a team behind every success story.  

This is what pushes us forward and  why we have  decided to dedicate space to our partners’ efforts to providing value to the general public. In the case of Smart Energy Consulting, we believe in their ability to make a continuous impact.  And we will support them in doing so. Just like we’ve been doing from the very start of our collaboration. 

You can access their online form for energy consumption assessment here: Smart Energy Consulting  


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