Remembering Christoph Steindl

Although it’s hard to put all our thoughts into words, in the next few paragraphs we would like to share who Christoph was to us.  

Christoph contained multitudes of roles; from an eternal student to a no-nonsense mentor, an innovator, and a great supporter of young minds. He dashed through life as an angel investor and a big believer in the power of entrepreneurship. Christoph was a walking catalyst who transformed everyone who had the privilege to collaborate with him, through his ideas and personality. He was excellent in recognizing the core lesson in each experience, which he selflessly shared with everyone around.   

Christoph’s favourite part of the daily menu were books. His astounding ability to digest and share the lessons from them is the reason why so many of us see the red thread between kitchen duty, management decisions, Fasching outfits and a life philosophy. The epicentre of his learnings was personal responsibility. We learned that each of us has a responsibility to decide how much we want to expand our comfort zone and to make the best out of cards that we are dealt with – to take ownership of our fears and possible risks, to learn from mistakes and not lose courage along the way.  

It’s hard to create a fusion of all learnings he passed onto us, but perhaps that is just another task that he left us with. It’s up to us to remember that each one of us has a capacity to be the spark of change, both as individuals in our private lives and as parts of the bigger whole.  

Perhaps Christoph said it best:  

Strengthen your strengths, find ways around your weaknesses and have fun!

Dear Christoph, we say goodbye with a promise to carry on your flame by perpetually learning, daring to go beyond our comfort zones and honouring your legacy annually with crazy Fasching costumes.  

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