Co-Creating the digital future – Crisp Research & Catalysts celebrated the start of Cloudflight

From the 13th until the 15th of September over 300 software developers, cloud architects and digital strategists from Crisp Research and Catalysts from 17 different locations came together to celebrate the launch of the Cloudflight group.


I am beyond happy to finally see all the faces that represent Cloudflight in one room. Our shared digital journey is about to start and I could not be more excited to be a part of it.

With these words, Thomas Stoek, Group CEO of Cloudflight, opened the Launch Party, that took place at the Hilton Vienna Danube with its beautiful waterfront. The whole weekend was all about getting to know the new colleagues from Crisp and Catalysts, which recently decided to take the future steps together as an IT service company named Cloudflight.

Through various workshops and talks people got the chance to share their knowledge with each other, present current projects that they are working on and also discuss what they expect from Cloudflight in terms of values and working culture. From “How to get into space and stay there” and “Hacking our own applications” till “Creating Employer Values” the offerings of the talks and workshops ranged broadly. People that partially met for the first time connected through their shared beliefs but also while playing football and volleyball, creating artworks and making music and dancing together.  On the one hand, it became apparent that Cloudflight is a deeply tech company with employees being incredibly passionate about solving questions and challenges through the use of the finest developed software possible. On the other hand the crowded rooms and dedicated discussions clearly showed at the very same time that those highly skilled people met and seeked for exchange to understand one another better and to lay the foundation for the joint future and common goals. The commitment for mutual acknowledgment and an always curious and open mindset was distinct throughout the whole weekend and reflects values that are at the bottom of this joint journey. Stating this the best possible conditions for a shared future there is no need to hold back – from now on Cloudflight will pursue its mission to co-create digital value and to support its customers on their digital innovation journey.

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