Cloudflight Welcomes eCommerce Solutions Provider Divante

  • Polish eCommerce Technology company to complete Cloudflight’s end-to-end portfolio
  • Cloudflight extends expertise in the development and implementation of eCommerce solutions

Munich, December 20, 2021Cloudflight, leading software development company and AI specialist, welcomes Polish eCommerce Technology solution provider Divante as the most recent addition to the Cloudflight portfolio of expertise. It is planned that Divante will join Cloudflight by January 2022 at the latest. The joint company will grow the Cloudflight workforce by another 350 highly skilled staff members.


By joining forces with Divante, Cloudflight significantly augments its eCommerce capabilities and expands its holistic offer along the digital value chain. Just like Cloudflight, Divante stands for a healthy growth strategy and offers its tailor-made solutions using the latest technologies, including open-source ones. This enables its customers to always stay ahead of their competition.

Divante implements next-generation eCommerce solutions following the MACH approach (microservices-based, API first, cloud-native, headless). Most B2B providers have not yet switched to headless eCommerce. The new joint capabilities will enable Cloudflight to maintain a technological leadership position when it comes to customized cloud software solutions while strengthening its position in the ever-growing eCommerce market.

More than 400 Divante clients will be added to the Cloudflight customer portfolio and can benefit from the tried-and-true development, implementation, and consulting capabilities that Divante and Cloudflight teams offer their customers. This includes the developing of intuitive front-ends for webshops and eCommerce websites as well as AI capabilities that enable faster eCommerce processes and a higher degree of automation leading to increased customer satisfaction and conversion.

Some of the existing Divante customers are Axinter, SAP and Bosch. In the past, a variety of retailers such as Lampenwelt, Staples, Marc O’Polo or WEG Würth have also taken advantage of Divante’s expertise in creating state-of-the-art headless eCommerce solutions as well as big retail enterprises which aim to win D2C battles in coming years.

“Joining forces with Divante enables us to expand into the ever-growing area of eCommerce. The unprecedented boom in this sector led to the need to implement new technologies faster in order to fulfill growing customer demands”, comments Jörn Petereit, COO at Cloudflight. “Together with Divante, we’re happy to close another gap in the digital transformation of our customers and strengthen our eCommerce expertise.”

“We are looking for partners that represent an ideal fit, technologically, culturally, and from a business perspective. With Divante, we have found another partner that represents such a perfect match. They are driven by the same values, share the same vision and have a similar approach regarding software development”, Christoph Oberhaus, CFO at Cloudflight adds. “The demand for state-of-the-art eCommerce solutions is soaring and companies are looking for tailor-made solutions that combine industry know-how, consulting, coding excellence, and next-generation technological capabilities to future-prove their business, accelerate their digital transformation, and provide their employees with solutions that increase both, productivity and to enable tasks with a higher value-ad.”

“We’re excited to partner with Cloudflight and make the best use of their expertise combined with ours. The pandemic has led to an immense evolution of digital transformation, which can be best seen in eCommerce. With our joint capabilities we will be able to spearhead this megatrend and offer technologically advanced, state-of-the-art software solutions that will bring eCommerce to the next level, to the benefit of both eCommerce providers and their customers,” says Marcin Łaskawski, CEO at Divante.

The planned transaction with Divante is the third in a series of new partnerships entered by Cloudflight to complete their end-to-end digitalization portfolio and to be able to service multiple industries with a broad range of offerings, including consulting, coding, implementing, and managing complex cloud projects.

About Cloudflight
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About Divante

Divante is a global eCommerce solutions, experimentation, and thought leader. A team of 350+ experts empowers eCommerce for both the B2B and B2C segments and has delivered over 400 projects (including R&D ones) all over the world. Divante creates rapid, high-functioning MVPs and integrates the technologies of tomorrow using the best breed of enterprise and open source solutions. As a digital pioneer and strategic partner, Divante brings developers, designers, analysts, and testers together to empower eCommerce from every angle. Divante builds software ecosystems and customized software (with the use of technologies like Commercetools, VTEX, Shopware, Magento, Akeneo, Pimcore, and more), as well as offers solutions and support integration to Composable Enterprises through ERP-like, PIM, and CRM. Divante is also an active open source contributor, as well as creator of highly worldwide successful products like Vue Storefront and Open Loyalty.