Automated document processing

makes your business faster.

Manual data entry is time-consuming and error-prone. Free your company from activities that are not your core business. With our solution, incoming documents can easily be processed automatically. Picklist captures data from documents, emails and images and paves the way for seamless automation of your document processing.

This is what changes in your document processing


Every day, documents such as invoices, purchase orders, delivery notes or other documents have to be processed manually and transferred to the corresponding IT system.

Manual entry is usually extremely inefficient. It takes a lot of time and provokes errors.

Backlogs pile up, losses are caused, working time is wasted unproductively.


Picklist can receive documents from all kinds of channels, such as emails, messenger apps or internal and external file uploads, and make them available for further processing.

Picklist automatically extracts the desired information in seconds. All types of documents are supported in many languages. Even handwritten entries are processed.

The extracted data can then be forwarded to the respective target IT system (APIs, databases, storage services and event streaming platforms are supported).

This is Picklist

Artificial Intelligence as a Service

Picklist is a Software-as-a-Service operated by Cloudflight. The solution offers state-of-the-art automation and digitization of your documents. Picklist combines computer vision, natural language understanding and machine learning to extract and structure information from any type of document. It then passes the data to the applications you define.

Integration into your organisation in record time

With us, you can implement the digitization of business processes at short notice with minimal effort. In this way, we enable even small businesses to fully automate business processes. Large businesses remain agile and up to date thanks to fast process integrations.

FAQ – Questions and Answers

Incoming documents:
Do I have to stick to the picklist.ai API?

Picklist.ai provides a multi-tenant API for receiving documents. If an API is not suitable for you, please talk to us. Picklist.ai can also process documents coming via all kinds of communication channels.

Incoming documents:
Can I feed relevant e-mails directly into picklist.ai?

Yes. If needed we can provide you with a special e-mail address per use-case. Simply send relevant documents to that address. There are even more options to directly process documents or mails. Talk to us to discuss your options.

Incoming documents:
Can I feed documents from a messenger directly into picklist.ai?

Yes. If you use a specific messenger in your daily business, simply let us know, and we will find the optimal solution for your process.

Incoming documents:
Can picklist.ai operate directly on my storage service?

Yes. The document exchange is done via the Storage Service (e.g., a S3 server). We can easily integrate your storage service provider.

Outgoing documents:
Do I have to stick to the picklist.ai API when receiving the results?

Picklist.ai can forward the gathered and structured information via the communication platform of your choice.

Outgoing documents:
Can I integrate picklist.ai into my existing TSM / CRM / ERP solutions?

Yes. If you want to integrate picklist.ai into your existing IT solutions, this is not a problem. picklist.ai has a proven track record of being readily integrated into existing and 3rd-party IT landscapes.

Outgoing documents:
Can picklist.ai operate directly on my S3 storage?

Yes, different scenarios have already been implemented. It is possible to pick up the documents directly from your storage service and process them. The results can be stored there again according to an agreed strategy.

Outgoing documents:
Does picklist.ai interface with my Apache Kafka event streaming platform?

You are already utilizing Apache Kafka or the like? We can forward the extracted information also via an event streaming platform.

Is picklist.ai free of charge?

We strive to find the best solution for each client. For a personalized quote, please contact us.

Let us show you what we can do for you

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Successful projects

Delivery Bills Handling Workflow

At our customer, a freight forwarding company, hundreds of delivery bills were piling up in the administration. The quality of service decreased noticeably, satisfaction among the company’s own staff dropped and fines were threatening. In just one week, we implemented a faster workflow with Picklist. This meant that the backlog in delivery note processing could be dealt with immediately, and renewed backlogs were avoided in the long term.

Successful projects

Customers’ Claim Processing

The processing of customer claims is crucial for the customer satisfaction of companies. However, there are complex processes behind this. This is because certain steps can only be started or released if the necessary documents are available in the system. One of our customers wanted to minimize this effort and make it error-resistant. We were able to completely automate manual document approval with Picklist.

Successful projects

Invoice processing

The Austrian social insurance companies must process several millions of reimbursement cases per year, and their number is constantly increasing. We have developed a solution to support the clerks in charge of reimbursement. Important information about the doctor, patient and service is now automatically recorded and fed into the reimbursement workflow.