Design interfaces which people love.
Create unique experiences
(M/F/X) for Amstetten, Cologne, Frankfurt, Hagenberg, Innsbruck, Linz, Perg, Ried im Innkreis, St. Pölten, Vienna

UX Designer

Combine creativity and conceptual thinking in order to design user interfaces which people love to use.

As a UX Designer, you will…

  • put the user into the center of your activities
  • shape and improve our digital future
  • collect and define requirements of both users and customers, therefore you organize interviews or focus groups
  • plan and conduct concept workshops to find innovative solutions and ideas by using various brainstorming and design thinking methods
  • simplify the daily live of users with intuitive and consistent user interfaces
  • enable product evolution, by exploring the potential of business objectives and coming up with innovative ideas
  • capture your ideas on paper, no matter how visionary or crazy they are
  • fuse your best approaches and design an aesthetic and appealing user interface
  • prepare and lead qualitative usability-tests to evaluate the application and solve usability issues
  • know what’s best for the project and keep an eye on the MVP / marshmallow
  • enable a shared understanding by writing use cases and user stories
  • enjoy sharing your broad knowledge about usability methods and actively explore new ones
  • work together closely with project teams, product owners and customers
  • test the application and put it through its paces

You will enjoy this job if you…

  • are a UX enthusiast and love to share your passion
  • have an eye on the details as well as on the big picture
  • work user-oriented and question circumstances and requirements
  • think outside the box
  • know your design tools down to the detail and create intuitive user interfaces (we mainly use Adobe XD and Balsamiq)
  • have broad knowledge and experience in UX, usability and UI design for web, mobile and desktop applications
  • have used usability methods like heuristic evaluation, personas, card sorting and usability tests in several projects
  • engage the audience when presenting requirements, designs and results of user tests
  • have excellent verbal and written communication skills in English and German
  • have gained some years of experience in this area and have been able to work in several projects independently

As Cloudflight employees, we love to…

  • learn new things, constantly challenge ourselves and are really passionate about our field of work
  • solve problems and develop efficient solutions
  • have a “can do” attitude and positive outlook
  • share and exchange knowledge
  • have a lot of freedom and the chance to grow
  • discuss new ideas and have the opportunity to shape a naturally and rapidly growing business
  • spend quality time with our colleagues during social events – also across locations


For Austria: The law stipulates that the minimum wage must be specified in job postings. The minimum salary is 43.316 euros/year in the collective agreement. Adequate to your skills, we are willing to pay much more.

Our values

We proudly and passionately work together

because we care deeply about what we do. We always strive to make an impact, we are involved and trust each other, and we proactively change things that we want to change.

We communicate openly and honestly

because transparency increases trust and productivity, builds relationships and boosts innovation. That’s why we share our ideas, thoughts and knowledge across teams, projects and locations.

We constantly experiment and learn

because we have an ambition to grow. We have the freedom to play, explore, make mistakes, get up again and become better. We challenge solutions as well as ourselves in order to reach peak-performance.

We create safe and diverse spaces

because we strongly believe that bringing people of various backgrounds and different life experiences together can generate cutting-edge ideas. We keep the dialogue up and care for each other enabling people to become their true selves.

We believe in flat and agile

because streamlining our processes means optimal efficiency. We travel lean, only putting the required things in our bag. We strive to be modest and humble. We are not big fans of bureaucracy and hierarchies, which is why we do our best to live without them.

We synergize work and life

because they should be harmonious and not oppositional. A high level of flexibility gives us the freedom to study or do family-related tasks while also enjoying work.

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