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We co-create tailor-made digital solutions for your transportation and logistics businesses

Our goal is to strengthen your digital processes in order to better support your business. No matter what your processes are lacking from, be it effectiveness, efficiency, transparency, traceability or something else – let’s co-create state-of-the-art digital solutions to better serve your and your customers’ needs.

We validate and co-create your digital strategy with agile design thinking methods and drive the implementation fast and pragmatically via minimum viable products and rapid prototyping as well as long-term development partnerships. We deliver tailored logistics solutions powered by cutting edge emerging technologies, on-time and on-budget.

Georg Ogris, Transportation & Logistics Industry Focus Leader at Cloudflight

Georg Ogris
Industry Focus Leader
Transportation & Logistics

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What we offer

Industry-specific services

Automated Document Processing
Vehicle Detection & Classification
Container Detection & Classification
Hand Luggage Classification
Airport Baggage Cart Management
Baggage Reconciliation
Transportation Dispatching Transportation Management
Field Service Management
Container Management
Management of returned Empties
Route Planning / Fleet Management

General services

Agile Software Development
Application Modernization
Cross-Platform & Mobile Development
Web Frontend Development
Backend Development / Large Enterprise Applications
Analytics & Data-Driven Applications
Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Applications & Intelligent Automation Services (RPA+)
IoT Platforms & Ecosystems
Augmented Reality Applications
Quality Assurance & Release & Test Management
Penetration- and Load-Testing
Remote Cross-Functional Collaboration

We implement strategies

Cloudflight is backed by several years of experience in successful digital transformation and innovation. Our expertise and learnings out of hands-on projects by designing, developing and implementing tailored software solutions empowers us to boost your digital ambitions.

We deliver reliable software that is improved and adapted to your products and processes, and to the current market needs. Our experiences have learned us to be proactive and responsive to all challenges that you might encounter. Our IT systems are long-lasting constructions growing in functionality and generated value. We are here to co-create the digital future.

How we work with our partners

1. Starting small & co-creating successful solutions

We support you through all project phases. We understand your business goals and provide new ideas, deliver the first prototypes in a days-to-weeks time range so that you can validate your assumptions and confidently define the next steps of your roadmap. We apply emerging technologies like Machine Learning, IoT, Predictive Analytics, Data Science and provide large scale and agile software development in order to deliver and operate your reliable and user-centered software product on time and on budget. We share insights and knowledge, we are team players and collaborate closely with your IT department.

2. Smart scaling solutions

We dynamically adapt the team size and compose the skill set of the members according to the project needs and their competencies. A pool of over 400 experts in the roles of Digital Strategist, Mobile, Front- and Backend Architect and Engineer, Business Analyst, Requirements Engineer, UI/UX-Designer, QA Engineer and DevOps cooperate to take on the challenges and get emerging problems solved. Our distributed teams operate from 17 locations in Europe.

3. Trust and long-lasting partnerships

Our success is only defined by your success! Together, we iteratively identify and transfer new opportunities into real-world solutions. We learn from each other in a collaborative environment. With over 13 years of software development experience, we bring our versatile knowledge in over 600 software projects to the table.

Meet the Experts

Georg Ogris, Transportation & Logistics Industry Focus Leader at Cloudflight

Georg Ogris

Industry Focus Leader Transportation & Logistics
Before his engagement at Cloudflight, Georg held posts as a Software Engineer and Computer Scientist in areas such as Earth Observation, Electronic Health, and Intelligent Transportation Technology.

Armin Blaha, Transportation & Logistics Industry Focus Co-Leader at Cloudflight

Armin Blaha

Transportation & Logistics Industry Focus Co-Leader
Before his engagement at Cloudflight, Armin ran a start-up focusing on the development of an Ambient Assistant Living ecosystem. He is driven by entrepreneurial thinking and digital innovation and is set out to generate and develop new business models and opportunities in the field of transport and logistics.

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