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Digital. Dynamic. Result-oriented.

Understanding challenges and driving digitalization forward.

We understand the challenges in the public sector and design digital solutions with added value for the public.

In cooperation with our customers, we drive innovation in public administration and government agencies. We support you from concept to development and operation. With a dynamic and result-oriented approach, we successfully bring your projects to their goal.

Anton Bayer, Industry Focus Leader Public Sector at Cloudflight

Anton Bayer
Industry Focus
Leader Public Sector

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Get Inspired Virtual Event: How to work agile in the public sector

In our event on 8.10.2020, we spoke with our long-term cooperation partner Stephan Prechtl from the University of Vienna about the value of good collaboration, how their new tool u:space makes the lives of all students as well as staff much more efficient, and how Scrum teams can also work well in public organisations.

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E-invoicing for Germany – curse or blessing? The big chance for digitalization

In his talk, our digitalization expert Max Hille talks about the digital awakening in the public sector in Germany and answers the following questions:

What new obligations does e-billing bring with it? What requirements should users make so that it also offers real added value? And what opportunities are there for both public authorities and companies after the successful introduction of e-invoicing?

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Case study: refund with AI

How social insurances in Austria apply automated document processing

Katrin Strasser, our expert for natural language processing, presents two successfully completed projects for automated recognition of documents. Time savings of 96 % and an enormously increased efficiency allow for better customer service and speed up the processing rate.

What we offer

General Services

  • Tailor-made software development
  • AI process support: NLP/NLU, machine learning, data analysis
  • UI/UX design and visualization
  • Operation, infrastructure consulting
  • Penetration testing
  • Digitalization of processes

Industry-specific services

We are listed as a partner in the BBG (Federal Procurement) IT Framework Agreement 2017. BBG enables public institutions to easily work together with Cloudflight at any time. Through this framework agreement, different services can be called up, which enables a quick start of cooperation.

We implement strategies

Cloudflight is backed by several years of experience in successful digital transformation and innovation. Our expertise and learnings out of hands-on projects by designing, developing and implementing tailored software solutions empowers us to boost your digital ambitions.

We deliver reliable software that is improved and adapted to your products and processes, and to the current market needs. Our experiences have learned us to be proactive and responsive to all challenges that you might encounter. Our IT systems are long-lasting constructions growing in functionality and generated value. We are here to co-create the digital future.

How we work with our partners

1. Starting small & co-creating successful solutions

We support you through all project phases. We understand your business goals and provide new ideas, deliver the first prototypes in a days-to-weeks time range so that you can validate your assumptions and confidently define the next steps of your roadmap. We apply emerging technologies like Machine Learning, IoT, Predictive Analytics, Data Science and provide large scale and agile software development in order to deliver and operate your reliable and user-centered software product on time and on budget. We share insights and knowledge, we are team players and collaborate closely with your IT department.

2. Smart scaling solutions

We dynamically adapt the team size and compose the skill set of the members according to the project needs and their competencies. A pool of over 400 experts in the roles of Digital Strategist, Mobile, Front- and Backend Architect and Engineer, Business Analyst, Requirements Engineer, UI/UX-Designer, QA Engineer and DevOps cooperate to take on the challenges and get emerging problems solved. Our distributed teams operate from 17 locations in Europe.

3. Trust and long-lasting partnerships

Our success is only defined by your success! Together, we iteratively identify and transfer new opportunities into real-world solutions. We learn from each other in a collaborative environment. With over 13 years of software development experience, we bring our versatile knowledge in over 600 software projects to the table.

Meet the Experts

Anton Bayer, Industry Focus Leader Public Sector at Cloudflight

Anton Bayer
Industry Focus
Leader Public Sector

Anton Bayer has been managing the Vienna office for more than 8 years. As part of the management team and head of the public sector at Cloudflight, he is the first point of contact for both employees and our customers.

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