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Digital business solutions in the aerospace industry

Aerospace is one of the most challenging domains that can be: Whether it is building spacecraft to survive in the unsurvivable, going where no one went before, whether it is handling trillions of measurements to enhance the understanding of the very environment we live in, or whether it is building the very airplanes that take us reliably from one side of the globe to the other. Aerospace continues to be a pioneer, constantly redefining what is possible.

At Cloudflight, we leverage cutting edge emerging technologies for the Aerospace domain. Our mission is to provide exceptional solutions that make an impact. We have the know-how, experience, and technologies to successfully design, build and operate tailored software solutions.

Everyone of us at Cloudflight carries the passion for aviation, space, and the skies above us in our hearts. What makes us unique is that we are world-class software engineers and data scientists with a deeper understanding of remote sensing, earth observation and the intricate details of manufacturing.

Aerospace Know-How for Your Industry

Do you come from a different industry but still feel the pressure to deal with big data or complex technical processes? Driven by the need to make the impossible possible, aerospace solutions have often pioneered the application of technological advances in real-world scenarios. We are always eager to bring exactly this expertise to other industries. Air and space-based assets provide an incredible source of data, anytime and anywhere on the planet. Build on proven aerospace technologies to take your business to the next level!

Michael Aspetsberger, Industry Focus Leader Aerospace at Cloudflight

Michael Aspetsberger
Industry Focus
Leader Aerospace

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Lift-Off for the future – Digital Transformation in the Aerospace sector

In our virtual Get Inspired Event on 10. November 2020, our Aersopace sector team took their guests on Cloudflight’s digital innovation journey and showed how data driven services, platform solutions and software services boost the resilience of aviation manufacturing businesses. Next to our project insights, Konrad Wenzel, Director @ESRI R&D Centre Stuttgart, joined the event and shared his experience of working with Cloudflight and about the project 3D surface reconstruction from aerial imagery for massive datasets.

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Industry 4.0 in the Aerospace sector – connect, build, train and predict

On 18 March 2021, our Aerospace Industry Focus team took their guests on a journey through the topics of Industry 4.0, with a special focus on Digital Twin technology. From the different concepts and types of this technology, to possible characteristics and increased learning in industrial manufacturing. The participants left the session with a better understanding of the Digital Twin and were given tips and tricks on what to consider when introducing one.

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The Race to New Space – Big Data and AI for Earth Observation

Our Get Inspired Event from 10 June 2021 for the Aerospace Sector focused on the challenges and possibilities for New Space. Michael Aspetsberger sheds light on how large data sets can be processed in the cloud and how to optimize the processing flows. He spices up his talk with some best practices that are better kept in mind when starting the journey. Alessio Montuoro’s talk is about AI and Computer Vision. Next to explaining both concepts in detail he adds concrete project examples that facilitate to digest the topics more. Enjoy watching!

What we offer

Industry-specific services

  • Algorithm Development & Optimization
  • High-Performance Computing
  • Operational Cloud Services
  • Big Data Processing
  • Near Real-Time Data Products
  • Material Inspection Solutions
  • Defect Prediction
  • Condition Monitoring

General services

Agile Software Development
Application Modernization
Cross-Platform & Mobile Development
Web Frontend Development
Backend Development / Large Enterprise Applications
Analytics & Data-Driven Applications
Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Applications & Intelligent Automation Services (RPA+)
IoT Platforms & Ecosystems
Augmented Reality Applications
Quality Assurance & Release & Test Management
Penetration- and Load-Testing
Remote Cross-Functional Collaboration



An intuitive and unobtrusive method for visualizing and interacting with large multidimensional scan data using state of the art augmented reality technology.
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We implement strategies

Cloudflight is backed by several years of experience in successful digital transformation and innovation. Our expertise and learnings out of hands-on projects by designing, developing and implementing tailored software solutions empowers us to boost your digital ambitions.

We deliver reliable software that is improved and adapted to your products and processes, and to the current market needs. Our experiences have learned us to be proactive and responsive to all challenges that you might encounter. Our IT systems are long-lasting constructions growing in functionality and generated value. We are here to co-create the digital future.

How we work with our partners

1. Starting small & co-creating successful solutions

We support you through all project phases. We understand your business goals and provide new ideas, deliver the first prototypes in a days-to-weeks time range so that you can validate your assumptions and confidently define the next steps of your roadmap. We apply emerging technologies like Machine Learning, IoT, Predictive Analytics, Data Science and provide large scale and agile software development in order to deliver and operate your reliable and user-centered software product on time and on budget. We share insights and knowledge, we are team players and collaborate closely with your IT department.

2. Smart scaling solutions

We dynamically adapt the team size and compose the skill set of the members according to the project needs and their competencies. A pool of over 400 experts in the roles of Digital Strategist, Mobile, Front- and Backend Architect and Engineer, Business Analyst, Requirements Engineer, UI/UX-Designer, QA Engineer and DevOps cooperate to take on the challenges and get emerging problems solved. Our distributed teams operate from 17 locations in Europe.

3. Trust and long-lasting partnerships

Our success is only defined by your success! Together, we iteratively identify and transfer new opportunities into real-world solutions. We learn from each other in a collaborative environment. With over 13 years of software development experience, we bring our versatile knowledge in over 600 software projects to the table.

Meet the Experts

Werner Mücke, Business Developer at Cloudflight

Werner Mücke

Industry Focus Co-Leader Aerospace
As a business developer and industry focus co-leader, Werner is always looking for opportunities to cooperate and build new products and services. Werner has an educational background in Surveying and Geoinformation with a PhD in engineering sciences. He has worked in the acquisition, processing, analysis, administration and management of different kinds of geospatial data (terrestrial, airborne, and space borne).

Flip van Eijndhoven

Business Consultant Aerospace
Flip has joined the Cloudflight community in 2020 to help the aerospace industry grow from Amsterdam. He has more than a decade of experience in advising companies on their innovations and technical solutions.

Christoph Holter, Project Lead AeroSpace at Cloudflight

Christoph Holter

Project Lead Aerospace
For more than 5 years, Christoph has been part of Cloudflight. During the last couple of years, he has been leading the implementation of various projects in the aerospace segment.

Laura Costa

Project Lead and Business Developer Aerospace
As a Geoinformation engineer with product management experience, Laura is leading projects at Cloudflight in the frame of Earth Observation: e.g. regarding precision farming, disease control, crop resilience and reforestation. As a business developer, she looks for new opportunities and manages to identify and prioritize the most effective strategies for each customer.

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