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Published on Sep 13, 2022

Cloudflight: Your partner for the digital transformation

Markus Brendel

At the end of July, the industry association Bitkom again conducted a survey on how digitalization was progressing in Germany. It has become clear that those who put their faith in digitalization at an early stage now have a competitive advantage. At least, that’s the view of most companies in Germany. Many companies, however, continue to struggle with digital transformation. For example, one in three respondents admitted to having problems coping with digitalization.
While most companies know how important a future-oriented digital transformation of their processes is, many don’t know how to deal with this profound change. Start in a single area, or tackle everything all at once? Hire a chief digital officer and put them in charge, or hire a consulting firm? And what technical skills should the partner who successfully guides you on this path have?


At Cloudflight, we’ve helped numerous customers from various industries to leverage digital solutions across all their processes, products, and business models and, correspondingly, future-proof themselves. Our work always focuses on the benefits for the users. We believe that various technical skills are essential for this.


We rely on proven state-of-the-art technologies


For example, it’s important that a partner be able to shape the digital future of its clients along the entire value chain. It should be possible to connect physical products with the internet of things (IoT) and optimized human-machine-interface design (HMI) as well as scalable cloud-native applications and modern e-commerce platforms, like B2B and B2C. It should also be possible to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into the value chain.


Cloudflight has the necessary technological expertise in all these areas, and our experts have a complete overview of all the relevant tools. Because of this, we don’t rely on a specific tech stack. Instead, we focus on the entire range of technologies available. Depending on the task and specific challenge, we can select and implement the appropriate technological infrastructure in close coordination with our clients.


In doing so, we rely on state-of-the-art technologies. No matter the case, Cloudflight has become a leader in industrial digital transformation through its strategic mergers with macio, Cognostics, Divante, and mogree. In addition, Divante, a Cloudflight company in the e-commerce space, has formed strategic partnerships with vendors such as commercetools and Shopware. When it comes to the cloud, we also pay particular attention to the greatest possible flexibility and support for the platforms of all major hyperscalers such as Azure, AWS, and GCP as well as German solutions such as IONOS. Here, too, we focus on our clients’ requirements and strive to find the best solution for them.


Paving the way for digitalization


We also embody the principle of absolute customer orientation when selecting software. Since we offer customized solutions for our clients, we don’t try to map as many workflows as possible using standard software. This often leads to inefficiencies, low usability, and, as a direct consequence, low user acceptance. For that reason, we determine which software solutions are the most suitable and, as far as possible and reasonable in regard to security aspects, use open-source software. This also means that our clients don’t incur any ongoing licensing costs.


With our technological expertise, we can offer and cover comprehensive solutions and are an exceptional partner for even the most complex challenges. We not only digitalize processes but also embody the team concept. With the experience that our consultants, requirement engineers, and user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) experts have gained in various industries, we’re able to understand our clients’ processes in order to create added value for end customers and users.


We don’t simply convert paper-based processes into digital form. We connect the old economy with the latest technologies. We’re also happy to support your company in taking advantage of all the benefits of digitalization in order to gain valuable competitive advantages.


Get in touch with us. If there’s one thing we know from hundreds of successfully completed projects, it’s that there’s a suitable solution for every challenge. You just have to find it. And for that, you need the right partner with the right expertise.