Automated Hand Luggage Dimensioning

The Challenge

One of the biggest challenges today is hand luggage which causes flight delays by slowing down the processes from security to boarding. So, too much or oversized handluggage negatively affects airports and airlines as well as passengers themselves. What if we could automatically detect hand luggage and measure its dimensions?

What if we could automatically measure hand luggage dimensions?

The Idea

Airports as well as airlines want to know what items of hand luggage their passengers are carrying with them. Wouldn’t it be handy if both of them could act in time to avoid any discomfort? Wouldn’t you feel happier, if you could just board a plane and take your seat without waiting for everyone to find a place for their luggage?

Automated detection leads to faster boarding and better ressource planning.

The Solution

eBagCheck can detect too much or too large hand luggage in coordination with the FDC systems. As a consequence, ressources can be adjusted, hand luggage can be offered to be checked in, or extra fees can be charged. In any case, the amount of cabin baggage can be controlled in a new way.

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