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Published on Apr 21, 2015

OpenStack Distribution Comparison: Research Phase Started

The maturity of the open source based cloud management framework OpenStack is growing and thus CIOs worldwide are dealing with it in order to use it in their enterprise infrastructure to build own and hybrid cloud environments. In addition, nearly all relevant cloud and webhosting companies are starting to build their next generation infrastructure based on OpenStack. Furthermore, OpenStack is one of the drivers behind the open source hype that affects CIOs IT infrastructure strategies. However, OpenStack is also complex and much effort is necessary in order to develop a comprehensive OpenStack based environment.

Crisp Research sees a substantial impact of OpenStack. Nevertheless, since OpenStack comes along with high complexity the majority of CIOs prefer to build their OpenStack environments based on a commercial OpenStack distribution. Thus, it is essential to compare and evaluate the OpenStack distribution providers to help CIOs and infrastructure managers finding the right solution for their needs.

For this reason Crisp Research has started the research phase for its “OpenStack Distribution Comparison”.

Selection Criteria

OpenStack vendors within this vendor comparison need to exhibit the following criteria:

  • Vendor develops and offers independent “OpenStack Distribution“ as product
  • Full product availability within US & European market
  • Existing customer base

Evaluation Criteria

Crisp Research has defined two categories covering the distribution as well as the distribution provider performance including five sub-categories each. The detailed methodology will be described in the final report.

Technology Performance

  • Feature Set & API
  • Installation & Deployment Support
  • Supported Technologies & Interoperability
  • Added Value
  • Administration & Documentation

Company Performance

  • Strategy
  • Community Engagement & Influence
  • Consulting & Support Offering
  • Partner Ecosystem
  • Momentum & References

Research Timeline

The whole evaluation process is based on a variety of primary and secondary analysis. The research process has started in April 2015. The final report will be published by end of Q2 2015.

Contact to participate

Crisp Research invites all OpenStack distribution vendors to participate in the standardized vendor survey to support the research process. This survey contains a catalogue of questions regarding the OpenStack portfolio as well as the companies’ strategy and will be provided separately. If you like to participate in Crisp Research OpenStack Distribution Comparison you are welcome to get in touch with Rene Buest, Senior Analyst & Cloud Practice Lead.