Corporate Governance at Cloudflight

Code of Conduct

Our corporate success is based on a respectful and supportive cooperation, which requires shared common values and an open working atmosphere. Additionally, we pride ourselves in a conscious awareness of social responsibility. We documented our ambition of value-oriented commercial conduct in this behavioral code – our Code of Conduct. The most important condition for achieving an integer behavior is that the Code of Conduct is actually lived within the company and integrated into every business operation.

The Code of Conduct sets out the essential principles and basic rules of Cloudflight. Its rules need to be followed by all of us, i.e. all employees of each Cloudflight entity. Therefore, our Code of Conduct is both – our aim and a promise: we expressly commit ourselves to the principles we expect from each other at Cloudflight, and we promise to adhere to them consistently. Of course, this also pertains to the relationship we have with our customers and our business partners, and it applies to our corporate-social responsibility.

Environmental, Social, and Governance Policy

Cloudflight is committed to sustainable corporate governance and complies with high standards in the areas of environment, social aspects, and corporate governance (ESG). Within our company, our main focus when it comes to sustainability, is placed on:

  • Environment: Minimization and professional management of the detrimental impacts on nature
  • Labor and Social Aspects: Promoting favorable working conditions, high social standards, and providing a positive contribution to society
  • Corporate governance and business ethics: Compliance with the highest standards and the promotion of good business practices

Cloudflight has appointed a Compliance Officer who reports to the Management Board. The person is also responsible for implementing this policy accordingly, and to regularly review the policy and revise it, if necessary.

Whistleblower System

We have implemented a whistleblower system via vispato that allows you to report potential violations anonymously at any time. Your report will be treated confidentially.

Compliance Officer

Harald Radi

Harald Radi
Compliance Officer

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