Posts by Bernhard Niedermayer & Stefan Ried

Head of Emerging Technologie & Principal Analyst

Bernhard Niedermayer not only shows his expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data with innovative software technology in a large number of customer projects, but also likes to share it in lectures or events. In addition to his long-standing experience as a software developer, Bernhard holds a doctorate in the field of artificial intelligence.

Dr. Stefan Ried – IoT Practice Lead, Principal Analyst – is responsible for the research and consulting activities covering IoT and modern platform architectures. Stefan Ried worked previously at Unify, a global communications and collaboration vendor as CTO. Graduated in Physics with an PhD at the Max Planck Institute, Germany, Stefan brings 20 years of experience in senior positions in software development, product management and marketing from international vendors to Crisp Research. His experience includes two software startups and major players including SAP and Software AG. Over 7 years at Forrester Research, Stefan lead the cloud platform research globally as a Vice President.

Cloudflight technology focus

A structured approach to innovation that matters to you Adopting modern technologies has become a competitive consideration for a wide range of companies. Beyond software…
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